Rockstar Lydia

She can pack a box like non other. I mean I’m good, my mom is better but Lydia tops us all.

I collect supplies all year round but she packed them so well that we had to go to the dollar store and buy more items.

I’m beyond excited for next year to try to help coordinate a huge packing party at our church.

The Gathering

Smaller crowd today but that’s okay. It led to more opportunities for me to connect with the students. I love doing and being exactly where God has called us.


Titus matched Colin today. Next week they are going to text each other to coordinate again.


This little honey and her momma spent the past couple of days with us. The kids pretty much wanted to hold her all the time. My shift was last night from 1:15am-4:45am. She has her days and nights mixed up. She also has a social smile which is crazy because she is only 4 weeks old.


We had the opportunity to attend a panel and a rally for Jack Phillips.

Times tables

Working on 9 times tables …”Mom, you are brainwashing me!”

Art class

Dad by JackMom by JackJack by Jack

Dad by MaxMom by Max

Grace’s scare

Backstory: Carl and I love to scare Grace because honesty, she jumps every time. Just two nights ago, I walked into her room and blessed her sisters goodnight. She was in the closet getting ready. She knew I was in the room. I jumped into the closet and said, “Roar!” Best reaction ever!!

“Mom, if I was a unicorn, I would have pooped a cupcake!”

Now, today we are in the cities dropping off a hard drive at a clients’ business. Grace and Lydia are with us. Carl walks into the bathroom and Grace looks at me and says, “I’m gonna scare Dad when he comes out!”

Couple of minutes later, the door opens and Grace jumps out, BUT it’s not her father but someone who works for the organization. She scared a poor random guy.

I am still laughing about this and it’s been a couple of hours!!!

She was mighty embarrassed. It was awesome.