Life schooling

Max is proud of the skills he is learning.  

Silas teaching

Silas tried to teach baby Noah how to crawl yesterday. He’d get him up on all fours and then flop down baby Noah would go. 

 Since we don’t have any more babies around here, Noah was the main attraction.  I know my girls are secretly hoping to babysit him again. 

Big Mommy Mistake

Jack had a haircut yesterday. He wanted to “take the poof off.” Well, long story short, I took too much off. 

My oh my! I’ve never met a boy so concerned about his hair. He cried all morning thinking that he was going to be teased. Mind you, I took maybe an inch off, more than likely less than that.  

Daddy came and saved the day. He took Jack out for tacos and had a little man to man talk. 

Food makes bad haircuts better. 

Dock is in

Lots of hard work took place at the cabin on Sunday. We were thankful for the extra hands. Grandpa and Grandma are looking forward to some boys growing up and taking over. 

Ava quote

Lydia: Ava did you draw all over my math sheet?

Ava: No, I decorated it. 

Silas met Chief Anderson 

Yesterday, Silas had the opportunity to go to the police department and meet Chief Anderson for a one on one tour of the facility. Although he was pretty quiet during the visit, it was all Silas could talk about the rest of the day. In fact, he had such a great time but he even printed out the first photo in this post and hung it above his bed so he could look at it while he falls asleep. 

It was an incredibly kind a thing of chief Anderson to take the time to invest in our son. And we’re very grateful. 

Double trouble

Two peas in a pod Miss Adie and Miss Sophia

Grace was in heaven

She had the opportunity to bake with the staff at Angel Food Bakery in the cities. 

Her grin was a mile wide all on their adventures. 

I’m excited to see where God takes her with her hopes and dreams. 

Ava quote

“I’m a burrito!”