Girls Night

Last night we had a girls night with Melissa Lindsey and Lularoe. 

It was a fun night to hang out and try on clothes. I now can’t wait to wear my leggings.  

Max reads his first book

Oh my sweetness. He was so proud to read his very first book. There is something amazing to watch someone learn how to read. The whole world is opening up right before his eyes. 

So this happened yesterday

The first I thought when Carl brought this home was, “Oh great! More things that pee and poop.”

I think I’m warming up to the idea. Maybe the new discipline strategy will be to make them stand and stare at the fish. 

They matched

Today was a super sweet Sunday. Jack stood between Carl and myself and held our hands during the music. We both want to remember that moment forever. Bonus is that they coordinated their outfits this morning. 

Silas quiz

So I asked Silas to answer these questions about me. 

1.  What is something I say a lot?   “Silas stop!”

2. What makes me happy? “Getting your back scratched.”

3. What makes me sad? “When you don’t get your way.”

4. How tall am I? 5’7

5. How old am I? 37

6.  What’s my favorite thing to do? Watch movies with Dad

7. What makes me proud of you? When I’m not annoying my sisters and I’m trying to be helpful

8. What’s my favorite food? A juicy hamburger from Applebee’s

9.  Do I have a favorite child? Yes, me

10.  If I could go anywhere, where would it be? Moscow, Russia

11. Could you live without me? Probably, 96 hours. I would watch TV and eat junk food.

12.  What’s my favorite song? Christ Alone

13.  How do you annoying me? When I do this –(he then proceed to flop on me.)

14.  What’s my favorite movie? That movie they swear so much…(he couldn’t think of the title The Fundamentals of Caring. )

15. Who is my best friend? Dad

16. Where was I born? Sock Centre

17.  What is my favorite TV show? That’s a hard one can we come back

18. What scares me? When I think the kids will not go to heaven

19. Who do I have a crush on? Dad

20. How do you describe me? Just like me – everything I am – that’s a high praise mom

International Student

Pakistan, Netherlands, Germany, Malaysia, Congo, Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Brazil, Nepal, Togo and Tanzania were countries represented around our table tonight. 

Syntyche came on Thursday this past week to meet with new students and invite them to our home tonight. Even though she lives in Minneapolis, she still has a passion for college students here at SCSU. 

Nana and Papa

They were here for only one night, but we will take it!

Christmas Letter 2016

Carl had another exciting year running Telescope Media Group. His projects took him across the country and around the globe. He enjoyed his annual “Bestie” trip to Colorado with Angel and their best friends, and taking the girls to California for a father/daughter adventure.

Angel is busy homeschooling eight children and helping Carl with the business. She spent a lot of her summer remodeling two of the bedrooms at his parent’s cabin and continues to show hospitality to international students.

Grace (13), enjoys baking, reading, listening to music, and playing instruments. She went along on her first work trip with Carl to Washington DC this March, and is in the process of starting her own business  – The Baking Co.

Lydia (12) enjoys sewing, legos, audiobooks, and doing anything artistic or crafty. She went on a ski trip with her cousins and to Utah this spring, and is also starting her own business – a craft business – called Sewtopia.

Adie (9) is an enthusiastic singer, song writer, and animal lover. She enjoys listening to audiobooks and completed the entire unabridged Harry Potter series this year. She loved riding horses on the beach and studying sea otters with her sisters on their trip to California.

Silas (9) enjoys studying history and math. He spent a few weeks this summer living “in the woods” at a friend’s house near Itasca State Park, and never passes up an opportunity to eat sushi, or go kayaking, with Dad.

Titus (9) is our carnivore who enjoys playing chess and doing math. His highlights this year included going on a family RV trip to Glacier National Park this summer and improving his unicycling skills.

Jack (6) enjoys hunting, playing with legos, drawing giant pictures, and rock climbing. He’s loud and full of energy, but can also be quiet enough to go still deer hunting with Grandpa in Brainerd, MN.

Max (5) enjoys having books read to him, coloring pictures, and taking naps with mom. His highlights included deer hunting and spending Labor Day weekend at Nana and  Papa’s Ranch in Montana for Christmas.

Ava (4) is full of giggles and loves going to her best friend’s house for sleepovers. She travelled to Cameroon with her dad earlier this year to meet her grandparents for the first time, and had a great trip.

Merry Christmas and a Joy filled New Year!

The Larsens


Grace got the privilege to go and hang out with one of her great friends to who lives a little more than an hour away.  Of course they would be baking tonight.  read more…