Lunch date

Even though it is  Grace’s birthday today, she was gracious to let us take Max and Adie outfit their birthday’s. Yes, we are a tish behind with Adie’s January birthday. 

Last night as a twelve year old 

Grace, we love you beyond words. It’s a joy to watch you grow and have a ton of fun with you on the journey. Thanks for being a great sport.  

Happy 5th Birthday Max


Oh how we love you. 

We love your eye lashes, the way you say Lydia, and your flexibility.  Grace loves it when you help her in the kitchen. I love your morning hugs and snuggles. 

It was a big day for you – complete with reverse peristalsis because you ate too much cake which earned you $4 for not puking in our bed. 

Kayak fun

Carl has been giving lessons this week at the lake. Silas has his roll down. I can’t imagine what it will be like in a few years. 

Day at the lake

Today was one of those perfect calm days at the lake. 

Jack tried so hard to get up water skiing. He’s looking forward to tomorrow to try again. 

Titus made it around the lake 1.5 times and also did a deep water start all by himself. His smile beamed all day long. 

Adie is going to try again tomorrow. 

Even the momma skied today. The boys have never seen me ski so I had to prove that I could still get up. 

Early flight

We took an early flight home this morning to surprise the kids. 

It was a great family day hanging out playing games and building a fire. 

The boys did some man jobs today too. 

Titus rocked it mowing the lawn while Jack and Max helped move a pile of tree bark. 

Incandescently Happy

Today we had the joy of celebrating in(and Carl officiating) the wedding of our dear friends Mr. & Mrs. Jared and Victoria Weldon. 

Jesus is at the center of thier relationship and was the center of the day. We absolutely love being involved in the lives of young couples and showing them the beauty of God’s design for marriage. 

They were simply glowing with excitement throughout the day. And so were we. 

Fair results 

Lydia won Grand Champion for her Lego creation. 

Blue ribbons for her doll dress and mosaic. 

Adie and Sophia won 2nd place over in the youth division. 

Bobber Fishing 

Some days you don’t even need a hook to have a great time fishing with your friends.