Girl day

Since the boys were gone, the ladies went shopping. I can’t believe both Grace and Lydia have bigger feet than me. Yikes!

Boys and soccer

The boys were blessed with tickets to a soccer game. 

Jack quote

“When I have kids, I’m naming them Kevin, Bob and Stuart.”

Last day with David

This was David’s last day with us. He is moving to Washington State to start a job. It has been s joy and a delight to have him in our lives for so many years. We pray God’s blessing and favor over him on this next journey. 

Max lost his first tooth

Time please stand still.  

Max lost his first tooth. My baby is growing up way too fast. He was so proud of himself for pulling it out on the drive home from the ranch.  While Carl drove to Bismarck to meet Nana and Papa with the kids, I worked on school planning.  I don’t remember the last time or even if there was a last time where I was the only one in the house for the day.  

I rocked it!

Back from the ranch

The kids spent the past week at the ranch. Adventures were had by all.