Daddy ski adventure

Jack and Carl went to Lutsen for an awesome day adventure that turned into an overnight at the cousins. Lydia tagged along and spent the day quilting with Hannah and Megan.

Meanwhile these three are sauna junkies. 

Bathroom paint


We needed something a little more bright and cheery in a windowless room. I’d love to redo the floor but that’s not happening for a while.

New Year’s Eve

We had neighbors, friends and family around the table. I love filling our home. It is a team effort for which I’m grateful. That’s how designed it.

Wedding Fun

Sweet Bella married Spencer last night. It was an amazing God honoring wedding. So, thirty miles from St Cloud I realized I forgot my dress. Goodwill saves the day!! $4.99We made it!!! Church cleaned up and everyone gone by 10:30pm.Breakfast of Champions

At Goodwill, I gave each of the kids $5 to buy some time for me to look for a dress. Jack scored. I can hardly look at him without laughing.