Quarantine Picnic

I am trying to be creative with the kids. We are so blessed to have a big yard and a big house and yet everyone is going a little stir crazy. So yesterday morning I decided that I was going to take the kids on special dates by picking up their favorite food and having a picnic in the van. Big vans are very hand, when it’s a little windy and chilly outside. Jack and Max both wanted Qdoba, so they opted to go together. We had a grand mini adventure.

Surprise birthday drop off

We drove to the cities to drop off a birthday party for a very sweet 9 year old. We only stayed 15 minutes and stood 15 ft apart to make sure we weren’t spreading germs. It’s fun to teach my kids to love big in different outside the box kind of ways!!


She is so cute. We are loving the extra time this week with her.

Take your daughter to work

Grace went to work with Carl and was the model for the photo shoot for the story that Carl was telling through video. She is gorgeous!

1000 piece puzzle

It was a Larsen team effort to complete this puzzle. I’m glad I picked this up a couple of months ago.

All my girls wore this sweater. I know it’s my favorite piece of baby clothing.

Run in the rain

Today Carl and Jack ran all the way around Whitney Park in the rain. It was the longest Jack has ever ran without stopping.


This kid cracks me up!!

He spent 45 minutes staring out the window when he was supposed to be writing his paper.