Notes to Carl

Carl has a dry erase board in his office.  Here are a few notes. 

Jack: kwlist= coolest



Beth’s Birthday

Happy Birthday to our adopted daughter Beth. Every year God brings a student into our lives that becomes an honorary Larsen. And every year our “family” grows. In heaven it’s going to be one big party with everyone who has a hyphen Larsen attached to their name. 

Girl day

Since the boys were gone, the ladies went shopping. I can’t believe both Grace and Lydia have bigger feet than me. Yikes!

Boys and soccer

The boys were blessed with tickets to a soccer game. 

Jack quote

“When I have kids, I’m naming them Kevin, Bob and Stuart.”

Last day with David

This was David’s last day with us. He is moving to Washington State to start a job. It has been s joy and a delight to have him in our lives for so many years. We pray God’s blessing and favor over him on this next journey.