Weekend with Dad

It was my annual weekend at the cabin and Carl becomes the coolest dad in the world.

This was the only picture I have from the weekend to prove I actually went swimming.



Adie and Miracle


”I’m doing something dangerous,” said Max. He was pretty proud of his job.

Max: I’m putting a drizzle of cheese on this.

Jack: I’m putting a butt load on mine.

Jack’s face with goofball island for the brain.

Jack and Max learning how to be camera operators.

Adie took out her friend, Miracle, for a treat for watching her hamster when we were on vacation.

Little humans

They were so resourceful yesterday morning. They taped a plastic bowl to the screen and watched the insect.


I thought for a moment today that I was going to be all caught up with laundry- washed, dried and folded. As I could see the bottom of my folding basket, Silas walks into the laundry room to take off his stained school clothes to be washed.

Dang. So. Close.

It will be years before I get this close again.

Question of the meal

If you spend any time with us, you will know about the question of the meal.

The other day I bought a box of plums. One of them was very interesting.

So, tonight’s question of the meal was, ” What does this plum look like to you?” Said with a very straight face.Come on no laughing.

Jack: a dog’s nose

Titus: BB-8 from Star Wars

Max: Lion poop

Silas: laughing and giggling but won’t say anything

Adie: Lion nuts. (Laughter erupts)

Lydia: “same thing as Adie”

Grace: (uncontrollable giggling)

Adie now has us all rolling at the table. Then she says, “I can show you the book on how I know that!” Off she ran to the bookshelf.

Max later on told me that was the same picture he was thinking about. He thought that was poop coming out. Oh my word, I about peed my pants.

God is so very creative. I love my kids.

Date night

I never want the quiet one to feel as if she is never heard. So a surprise date night happened tonight.


We survived our first day of our homeschool co-op. Started the morning man handling a 7 year old into the van with all sorts of ailments, but really just scared of the unknown with a new building.

I’m teaching a public speaking course disguised as a Lego class.


She’s a hard worker. She took it upon herself to pick all the apples off the tree before they fell off and made a mess.

At soccer today with one of her Besties.

This kid found a Cecropia Moth caterpillar- our latest pet. They grow to be the largest moth in North America- 5-6 inch wingspan. #lifeschool

I love a good new system.

Adie is saucing with Miracle and Julia.