As Dr. K said in This Is Us, ”When life hands you lemons, you need to make something resembling lemonade.”

It’s been 48 hours of lemons and we needed to step out of the crazy and go to my favorite place.

It was a calm beautiful day.

Max time

Slowing down this week to enjoy this amazing kid. 5 kids at camp, big sister Grace leaves tomorrow for the ranch and little sister Ava is spending time with friends and her Dad. He even brought money with to Sams so he could watch it spin down.Max and Carl worked hard this evening cutting down an apple tree, so they rewarded themselves with time in the sauna.


Dropped 11 kids off at camp. Praying for a great week for each of them. It was a quiet ride home.

Waite Park Parade

We met up with friends to cheer on the Ringsmuth Riders.


I took the kids to visit my grandpa and learn how to play Carbools.

Adventures with Lydia

Lydia and I went to the cabin early so we could paint. Last weekend when we were there, I noticed a key on the counter. I made mental note to check where that went and proceeded to forget all about until I was getting ready to leave yesterday.

On my way out the door, I made sure to grab the garage door opener, “just in case that key was for the front door.” Lydia and I arrived and I pushed the opener and we went in the garage to find the door between the house and garage locked. Ummm…that’s a problem.

Back to find the spare key, we realized that it was the one sitting on the counter.


We looked for an unlocked window.

We called Carl and a locksmith.

We then got the ladder out to see if any of the upper windows were open.


One was unlocked.

We didn’t have a screw driver only a paint can opener. All the tools are in the house.

It was so difficult to pry even a little bit. I then realized I would be able to pop the screen because that too has little locks.

Lydia went up to inspect. “Mom, if we have a safety pin, I think I can squeeze my arm in and get the screen off.

Sure enough…she did it!!!

She successfully broke into the cabin.

I love that girl.

Now to go and buy a keyless entry deadbolt.