Dan is here

We love Dan.

Dan was an 8th grader when Carl led his small group when we both were in college.

We seem to be able to get him back here once a year. lots of board games, kickball, and soccer.

1st Family Photo

Carl loves the black and white and I love the color. The story with all our photos.


They were bored.

They made cookies.

I love life schooling.

Holding my baby

Max was a good sport and let me hold him while everyone else was holding Maya.

Happy Birth-day Maya!

Regina had two more nights of being pregnant. Yesterday we were here all day but there were too many emergency c-sections and Regina kept being bumped later. She was a good sport through it all. Today was the day. It was a very eventful birth but we are so grateful for Maya Angel Larsen.

Born at 9:47 am

6 lbs 11ozRegina is an amazing mom!!!

A sweet ride

The boys notice Mr. Candler’s car every week when we go to church. They even spotted him one time at McDonalds. To say that the boys love fancy cars is an understatement. I asked Mr. Chandler if he would ever be willing to take them for a little ride. Today was the day!He even got all the kids ice cream cones. The grin on each of their faces was a mile wide when they got back.

We are loved by our church family.