Carl drove 12 kids to camp this week. He said they were fantastic on the drive.

3 big girls and myself drove to my Grandpa’s auction today. Regina met Grandpa Lieser for the first time. He is excited to become a Great Great Grandpa once her baby is born.

Evening Special Date

Carl came home from Scheels with the boys and said, “I want to take Jack kayaking!”

They had so much fun and I had fun being their shuttle.

4th of July weekend

We made the best of the weekend. We had to leave the lake because the septic system broke. It was a bummer, but we swam at the pool and had a pizza party with the cousins.

Carl had to work in DC this weekend, so I was crazy and took the kids to the quarries to jump off the cliffs. My adrenaline junkies can’t wait to go back.


The home stretch –

Max and Jack still suffered from TB.

We ate sandwiches and leftover cold pizza for lunch. We splurged one last time and had Yogurt Lab in Maple Grove.

It’s good to be home with everyone back together.


The day we started the big drive home. Max wanted to be the official person to lock up the Airbnb.

We stopped in at the BV Roastery.

There was a classic car show going downtown that morning. The kids were able to walk around and see all the cars before it started.

Once we got to Denver, we made a spontaneous stop at a reservoir off of I-70. Max and Jack suffered from TB on the way home – Tiny Bladder. We stopped way too many times.

We even pulled off at another reservoir in the middle of Nebraska.

Needless to say it too us way too long to drive the 9 hours from Buena Vista to Omaha.

But it was a good day.

Dinner – Chinese – Family style

We took 3 Noah’s staff out for dinner. Jack and Matt are from St. Cloud. It was fun sharing stories and catching up on life.


Mt. Princeton Trail Ride

Grandpa and Grandma were so generous and gave an experience for Christmas this past year. The trail ride was the perfect gift because it brought us to one of Carl and my favorite places – Brown’s falls.

Thursday part 2

After a round of afternoon naps, we headed back to Noah’s for fun in the Brown’s Canyon Adventure Park, otherwise known as B-CAP.

We love Jack Hebert and Carl and myself were so excited to bring the kids here while Jack still worked at Noah’s.

Ended the night with Louie’s ice cream

Thursday part 1

Today was a big big day.

Carl was able to take the 5 bigs rafting.

Because the water level is 2850, Max was too young to be able to go. We went on a morning date around BV. He was so proud buying a Noah’s hat.