Max quote

Babysitter: Max, go and get your pajamas on.

Max: These are clothes and they turn into pajamas when I go to bed 



World map

We were blessed to have our world map framed by a friend. 

Tonight was so much fun to erase more countries.  


Nations around our table

We are so rich. 

This photo was posted on FB along with this caption. 


Syntyche Koumaglo

And here we go again…The Nations at One table: The Larsen’s family table. I am beyond THANKFUL for this family and how they have shown LOVE to me and to so many International students! When I grow up, I want my family to be as welcoming as the Larsen’s 

Nations at this table: Dominican Republic, India, Indonesia, Kenya, Mali, Nepal, Pakistan, South Korea, Thailand, Togo and United States.

 — with Blessings Bee, Anne Magnuson, Carl Larsen, Sacko Samba, Kyeong-eun Kim, Wa Ode Siti Amanah, Omar Pérez, Krishna Chaitanya Kunuku, Zoya Awan, Nayab Kanwal, Praise Kui Mutte, Chayapimon Aunruan, Angel Larsen (remove) and Lily McCoy
It took both our vans to get everyone here …it was so worth it. 

I just love it. Two of the girls said they loved all the noise because their dorm rooms are so very quiet. There was laughter, games, food and rich conversations. 

We are all looking forward to doing this again. 


Weekend with Dan

The kids LOVE Dan. 

He wore his Max cape almost the whole weekend.  


Once was lost

But now is found. 

I lost my engagement band two years ago. To say I was sick about it is an understatement. 

I the Great Larsen Cleanout yesterday, I was in the back of a cupboard in my bathroom. The type of cupboard that could swallow a couple of children up and no one would notice. 

There was a broken piece of pottery in the way back that was about to toss until I looked inside.  There was my ring. 

If you know me, then you will know that two years ago I cleaned the house from top to bottom searching for my ring. I remember cleaning the cupboard but I didn’t look inside that broken pottery. 

I am so thankful!!


Trying to clean 

Yesterday was clean out closets day. It all started because I put away a few socks in the boys’ drawer and it snowballed from there.   

Playing together

 I love this!  We need more snow around here! 

There’s a first for everything 

  I’m 36 years old and I’ve never been pulled over by a cop before, that is until tonight. 
I had a friend tell me in Menards, that my front headlight was out. When I drive 90% of my miles in the city, it’s really hard to tell if the headlight is out. I had the light on in my dash, but I thought it was for an interior bulb that was out. Plus, Carl just replaced those bulbs. Anyways, when I realized, I was being followed with light on, I knew it had to be that headlight. 

As the officer walked up the  car, Silas screams, “We’re gonna die!”


The sheriff laughed. Thank you Jesus. 

He asked me if I had a big load, which I said, “Not all of them are with me, but I do have 8 kids.” 

I told him I knew that he pulled me over because of the headlight and that this was the first time that I’ve ever been pulled over. 

It took about 7 min to run my license which feels like an eternity. He came back and said I was clear to go and to get it fixed at my convenience.