Naps and brothers

Carl must have fell asleep while the boys were building a fort around him. I walked into the room and found him this way. 


Jack and Max have been best buds lately. They even called me in to take their picture. 



Cousins Sophie and Sawyer

Sophie is wearing the outfit that Adie wore almost everyday for three years. 


Max loves the baby in the house. Usually it’s Max and Ava fighting over the baby spot in the house – not this week. 


Jack quote

I’m already 5 ….I want to do grown up things

Create Friday

Friday was a day away from the books to stimulate a different part of our brains. 



We then had a bonfire with a few young adults.  


Jack quote

Jack loves to color pictures, but then wants me to cut them out for him.  

Today I am cutting out a picture he colored and he says, “Mom, your cutting skills are improving. I need to go to cutting school.”

Yes my love, you are enrolled, you just don’t know it. 

And this….

This doesn’t happen very often anymore. What’s not to love when your baby fall asleep in your arms? 

Who knows, this could be one of my lasts. I’m enjoying it tonight. 

Grace and Luke

Luke is three months older but it might take a few years to catch up to Grace. 

Fat lip

Titus had a little mishap at church yesterday.