Ava loves

Ava loves chicken wings, climbing trees and frosting cookies. 

Chess Tournament 

The kids did great yesterday at the chess tournament.  

Titus took 1st in the 3-4 grade division

Silas took 2nd

Della took 3rd

Jack took 5th in the K-2 grade division

Adie was a great cheerleader. 

Quick special date

Lydia and I ran to Walmart to get her some supplies. 

It took way longer than we thought because we couldn’t find a person to cut fabric, then the scanner didn’t work and finally the checkout man didn’t know how to punch it in. 

She was so cute standing in the thread isle like a kid in a candy store. 

Getting ready

There is a local chess tournament tomorrow. Silas, Titus and Jack were practicing today. 

Cousin surprise

Della hitched a ride with Grandpa and Grandma to surprise us. 

Adie went to have a sleepover with her in Aunt Carrie’s old bed. 

Max quote

Max was nuzzled in giving me a hug when he whispered, “I could spend all my time with you.”

He’s a mini-me of his father. 

Silas conversation

Silas: what are you doing?

Me: working

Silas: ugh …you work, I thought you were a stay at home mom. 

Me: face palm

CC last day

The duck found a good spot. Adie and her team’s bridge got 3rd place. 

Afternoon on the Beck farm

We LOVE going to the farm. There are endless adventures to be had by many little people. 


We can always tell that these two are cousins. I love their short hair cuts.