Little Miss

It’s been a long time since Little Miss spent the day with us. We loved having her and look forward to when she can come again.

Getting ready

We have some exited boys to go hunting this year. Carl took them to the farm to practice with the cousins. I heard they were pretty good marksmen.

Winter gear

Transition to winter is in full swing around here.

Must be ready for the huge amount of gear that needs to be stored.

Friday night fun

It’s always a great time when we have the Carlson tribe over for dinner. BLT’s never disappoint.


It was a great night to roast hot dogs over a fire. It was a practically perfect way to end the day. These last few weeks have had an unexplainable peace about them. I can completely sense the Holy Spirit working and I know that it is from so many people praying for us. When I think back, it’s been over 10 years since I’ve felt this much peace and calmness. I have physically felt my cortisol levels come down. What an amazing gift from the Lord. Who knows what tomorrow may bring, but I’m basking in his goodness. Come what may, I’m exactly where God wants me.


Max and Malachi are such good buddies. I love how they play, laugh and make excellent pancakes.

Molarsky Weekend

We love our best friends. We all enjoy our time together. I especially love Bunkie’s braids in the group picture.