New Flooring

Lydia and I learned a whole lot this weekend. Kyle came over and saved the day by getting us started with all the angles. By the end, we were quite accomplished. Thanks mom for coming to supervise.


Two 12 year olds working together to make a pan of brownies.

“Mom, Adie is such a butt!”

“She is just jealous that I’m doing a better job!”

“Stop stop …you gotta save some for me to eat.”

Titus gave us lots of hilarious quotes.

One hour

Titus loves the smell of things. He spent over one hour going through all the hotel samples to find the perfect shampoo, conditioner and lotion for his youth group winter retreat.

Calvary Kids Club

Found these boys loving their ice cream treats, they were having so much fun.

New robe

She is always our comic relief.