I use a glue gun and a sewing machine to let out my creative energy when I am awake enough to pull it all out of the closet.

I started wings as a hobby and creative outlet. But once the Lord put it on our hearts (that is – once He finally convinced my amazing husband that we were adopting) I started putting all my profits towards bringing our boys home.

And now that they’re here, I continue to sell head scarves, nursing shawls, and bows as a way to offset our readoption fees here in the states.

So what’s the big idea? Someday, I dream of selling enough wings to dig a well in the region where our boys were born in Ethiopia. That would be great!

So, help us make the dream come true.

Head scarves: $7 each
Bows: $3 per set
Nursing Shawls: $20

Shipping and handling: $1.50 per item/$6 max per order
Nursing shawl $3.00 each/$9 max per order

Want to place an order? Pick out your pattern and fill out the contact form to get a hold of me.