The week between Christmas and NewYear’s is always the week where we lose track of what day it is and what we are supposed to be doing.  We’ve been getting things done around the house and making memories. Carl took the big kids to the movies, while Jack, Max and myself had a little Minions movie date in my bed.

Killer after Christmas find via FB Garage Sale page…over 30lbs of legos for $100.  The kids pooled their money to buy this new stash.

Carl is the coolest Daddy ever.  The basement will never be the same.  I am praying there are no broken bones.  I guess as a mom of 4 boys, I will be praying this until they leave the house and pay for their own medical bills.

There is no better place to fall asleep when you are 6 years old than by the Christmas tree.
Jack made himself a fancy snack.  He was quite proud of the set up.