Carl was gone on business last week.  He got into the city late, missed dinner and thus was eating at a hotel restaurant at midnight along with a co-worker.  They were sitting at the bar eating their burgers with two strangers sitting next to them.  The man and women obviously had too much to drink and started making out right at the bar.

At this point, Carl realizes that they are NOT husband and wife and the woman has a wedding ring on.  He was in a mental dilemma.  What should he do? He told me later that he could hear me in in his head saying, “You better say something.” And he knew I would be pissed as hell if he didn’t. (Sorry for the language but it is really the best way to describe it.)

The man leaves and tells the woman to meet him at his room.  One slippery slope after another.  I am sure the woman didn’t walk into the bar thinking, “Gee, I am going to have an affair tonight.”

Carl leans over and says, “That’s not your husband is it?” and proceeded to have a 10 minute conversation with her and ended it with her promising not to go to the other man’s room that night.

I was so proud of my husband.  Stopping an affair is a pretty sexy thing to this wife.

Be Brave.

Step in the awkward.

Life is too short to say nothing.