I am so excited for tomorrow.

Our Lydia is getting baptized on Easter Sunday!  I am so proud of her.  I have seen the Holy Spirit work in and through her.  She has a generous helpful quiet spirt.  I love watching her read her bible and memorize scripture.  She is beautiful.

We also are hosting the biggest indoor lunch that I have done.  (We’ve had some big parties before, but the food was outside.)

Here’s what we know thus far:

Larsen Tribe- 9

Carl’s parents – 2

Ava- her Dad Garcin, and three of his friends – 5

International student from Nigeria, Malawi, and Togo -3

Turkish Professors on an exchange program from SCSU – 21

We are up to 40 that I know about.  There could be more 🙂 

One pot of soup and 20 lbs of ham should feed this crowd. 

God has big plans for tomorrow.