I’m 36 years old and I’ve never been pulled over by a cop before, that is until tonight. 
I had a friend tell me in Menards, that my front headlight was out. When I drive 90% of my miles in the city, it’s really hard to tell if the headlight is out. I had the light on in my dash, but I thought it was for an interior bulb that was out. Plus, Carl just replaced those bulbs. Anyways, when I realized, I was being followed with light on, I knew it had to be that headlight. 

As the officer walked up the  car, Silas screams, “We’re gonna die!”


The sheriff laughed. Thank you Jesus. 

He asked me if I had a big load, which I said, “Not all of them are with me, but I do have 8 kids.” 

I told him I knew that he pulled me over because of the headlight and that this was the first time that I’ve ever been pulled over. 

It took about 7 min to run my license which feels like an eternity. He came back and said I was clear to go and to get it fixed at my convenience.