Last month, I was diagnosed with Lyme’s disease from a naturopathic Dr. here in St. Cloud.  The reason I went in was because  I knew that something had to have caused my arthritis to start over 2 years ago.  In September of 2013, I swelled up like a balloon with so much pain that I couldn’t open a jug a milk nor hardly carry it in the house from shopping.  It was like I was a 4 burner stove with only one burner working, and sometimes that burner went out too.

I saw lots of doctors and took lots of tests coming up with that on paper I looked healthy but in reality I was very sick.  My rheumatologist diagnosed me with seronegative arthritis, which means I have arthritis but I am not testing positive for it.  I took a nasty medication that made me “better.”  I stopped taking it this July because I was symptom free and wanted to see what would happen.  No one wants to take a low dose of chemotherapy for the rest of their lives if they don’t have to.

I went until a couple of weeks ago feeling just fine. But now, my arthritis is back. Oh how I hate to write those words.  My ring doesn’t fit, sleeping is hard because so many joints hurt, and I wake up super stiff. It gets better over the course of the day as long as I keep moving, but it is a huge disappointment to have a flare. I was doing so well and now boom.

Our whole family is doing a detox prescribed by the Dr. and I am waiting to talk to her to see if I should be doing more.

Now I pray that my body can heal itself, with the Lord’s help in all of this. He is teaching me to number my days so that I may gain a heart of wisdom.  It’s all about Jesus and not about me.  I reminded myself this morning that these past weeks were not a surprise to him, the one who knows everything that was, is and yet to come.