We had an adventure to the Cities today.  Since Grace, Lydia and Silas are taking a World Religions course, we took  family trip to see the largest Hindu Temple in the United States.  We were THAT family going into the Restaurant Depot today.  We had a sign a waver for our kids to be in the store.  I was pumped to find Halal chicken.  One of our Muslim students requested that I make the Easter Sunday meal of Tikka Masala so that he could eat it. 80 lbs of chicken later and a whole cart full of food we left the store.

This is how cool Greg is to my kids.  He drove over from his place, just to walk around a grocery store with us before he had another commitment.  

On Zafar’s recommendation, we stopped at the Tii Cup and tried shaved snow.  I know, we paid for snow, yellow snow even.  Surprisingly, it was really good.  

Grace had to try the phyllo dough that we got and made apple turnovers.

We had a few extra bananas that needed to be used.

Lydia has been a busy girl sewing dolls to sell.