A day of rest is good for the soul. It’s been a long hard week but thank goodness my Master King Jesus sits on his throne interceding on my behalf. This week didn’t surprise him, for which I’m grateful.

We carved pumpkins. Well, I didn’t, the kids did. We’ve entered a new stage where I can solely supervise. Pumpkins are Carl’s gig and because he is working, I had to bring my A game. Overall, they did great.

Titus reluctantly learned how to make banana bread this afternoon. He couldn’t understand why he needed to learn when his future wife could do all the cooking. I turned and said, “What if she hates cooking as much as you do? I know, you will both be hungry.” He gave in and had a great time making it.

Max wanted a fancy meal. I think he just wanted to light the candles and blow them out and repeat that 3 more times.