On the way to the mall to look for pants for the girls today, Adie said to us, ”I know you have all done this, but have you ever looked at two raindrops on the window and raced them to see which one would get to the bottom first?”

”Um no…l have never done that.” was the response she got from all of us.

”really? Never?”

”Nope just you.”

Adie was shocked. Even on the drive to drop her off at Sophie’s for a sleepover she still was incredulous. ”Really Mom, you have never raced raindrops?”

She was very pleased to inform us later that both Sophie and Miracle raced raindrops too.

Our response was ”Of course they race raindrops, they are just as weird as you”

Adie keeps life interesting. That girl makes us laugh. 😂 (that emoji is in honor of Adie.

Side note: Jack informed us that he raced raindrops too.

Written by Lydia Larsen