With only three kids here this week because Carl took Silas on a business trip to Waco, TX, I am feeling quite rested.  We have slept in until 7:30 or 8:00 am, played games, read books and even went to a morning matinee of the movie Sing.

I have been working on the “honey do list,” which means upstairs doorknobs where on the list.  I will save you a time and trouble from a Pinterest idea…don’t spray paint door knobs.  It doesn’t work unless you never touch the knob.  I had been saving cash so that I could replace the knobs upstairs because my bronze paint was coming off and it looked horrible.

A couple of days ago I took the knob off the master bedroom door but I couldn’t get it to stay latched.  I was hoping Carl could help me figure it out, but then time ran out and he left for Waco.  I had to figure this out.  Thank you Google.  Move the strike plate down and BOOM  it latches.  I was feeling quite accomplished that I went on to the kids bathroom.  First knob went in perfectly. As I opening the little bag with screws for the second knob, it was that moment where everything went in slow motion.  Nooooo!  The screws flew everywhere with one landing perfectly in the sink and down the drain.

Crap.  I was getting a little prideful with my doorknob changing skills and was brought down a couple of notches.

Down to the garage to find the big adjustable wrench.  I am sure there is some fancy name that I never learned while growing up on the farm. With six boys and myself, cooking and cleaning were my forte.

Back upstairs, I cleared out the cupboard and got to work taking the drain apart.  Man, oh, man the water in the trap stunk, but I got the screw!

I have to laugh because I did get the doorknob on but when I went to the girls’ room, I couldn’t get the pieces to fit together.  I realized after trying for 15 minutes that the knob was defective.  While I was working on the door, Ava was very quick to point out that this was taking me a very long time and I should hurry because she was hungry.

I still have a few knobs left upstairs…here’s to today’s “to do list.”