This year we didn’t write a Christmas letter but I still wanted to get the highlights for each of the kids for the year. 2018 was a good hard year.  I am grateful that God always meets us at our needs and never leaves nor abandons us.  We are grateful for God’s new mercies every morning.


  1. Traveling to New York with Carl for 9 days
  2. Nashville
  3. Going to the ranch by herself for two weeks


  1. Adventure Camp
  2. Braid (Small group at YFC)
  3. Portable Vision (Art mentorship program at YFC)


  1. Being Chip in Beauty and the Beast
  2. Making new friends
  3. Volleyball


  1. Oliver
  2. RC Car
  3. Aquaman


  1. Birthday party at the lake
  2. Hanging with friends with soccer
  3. Fun stuff at the lake cabin


  1. Skiing
  2. Rock Climbing
  3. Swimming


  1.  Skiing
  2. Soccer
  3. Going to Grandpa and Grandma’s house


  1. Christmas
  2. Going to the Bettendorfs
  3. Swimming