Last week I (Grace) had the amazing opportunity to travel with my Dad to Nashville and Washington D.C. Here are a few highlights from the trip.

To start things off in Nashville we ate amazing Thai food. After that we went and set up the church where my Dad would be directing the Secret Church Simulcast. Thursday was also set up and Friday was the actual event. Here we are in the Broadcasting truck right before the event went live. The day after secret church was super warm and we got to do some fun things in Nashville. Most involved eating a lot of food.

First we went to a cronut place. Then we went and ate an Açaí bowl. After we ate all that food we went and walked around centennial park where they have a replica of the Greek Parthenon.

I need to confess that we spent a large portion of our free time in Nashville driving around looking at modern contemporary houses. They have so many of them in Nashville!!! I’m in love! We also went to the remains of a civil war fort and drove down Honky Tonk Row.

After all of this we caught a flight to Washington D.C. and visited an amazing Gelato place. The next day we got up super early for a 6am lobby call for a church service simulcast that my Dad was directing. After the service we went to a Japanese ramen restaurant. After which we went walking and enjoyed the beautiful weather.

After a nice walk and visiting the gelato place for a second time, we went to the White House and went to the African American History Museum.

We also went and ate some Thai food and maybe visited the gelato place for a third time in less than 24 hours.

Then we caught a flight back home. I was very blessed to get this opportunity to go with my Dad and had a great time.