The packing of 10 peeps can be a daunting challenge, but carry on! The two night trip was full of many highlights including the epic 11 mile bike ride with a popped tire, leaky tire, bike ran over by a truck, and Adie earning herself a bunny if she didn’t complain anymore.  We climbed a fire tower and were cheered on by 3 couples from Kimball, MN.  They gave the kids high fives and cheers as they finished coming down. A random guy brought the broken tire back to camp for us.  He felt sorry for us and came back after we biked another 3 miles (doubling up Jack/Ava and Silas riding Jack’s bike with Lydia riding Adie’s and Adie riding Silas’) and  gave Carl a ride back to camp.  Carl went to get the trailer to rescue us so we didn’t have to finish the last five miles of the loop.

We met the neatest couple across the campsite.  Honestly, I was scared that we were way too loud for them, but they came over and introduced themselves and we hit it off.  They came over and joined us for supper one night.  What’s not to love about a couple married 60 years, they were both pilots, they traveled the world, he was a doctor, she a teacher.  They had amazing stories to tell.

We are now all cleaned up with a few more loads of laundry to go, but 8 little people are fast asleep.





  Cold crisp Morning

 Caption WeeHoo