It was a big, no huge week at Larsenville. The Lord provided abundantly in so many ways from volunteers to items being donated to fresh cookies to sell. It was no small task. There are so many people to thank to make this event possible. The Hafstad’s are one great family, and Olivia, age 12, will be well loved.  It was a blessing to be a small part of funding the adoption.  My favorite moment of the whole week was when she came up to me gave me a hug and said, “Thanks for helping make my adoption.”

That’s grace.

God showed me a little piece of heaven in that moment.

We are wanted.

We are cherished.

We are loved.

Adoption can be a beautiful story in God’s big amazing grand story.



The Lemonade stand rocked it out!

They made $748 and Lydia sold out of her dresses.  
We made it! I am so thankful for Krista’s friendship.  She is such an example of Christ to me and I am blessed to be able to call her my friend.

And I am sure you are waiting for the results thus far…$8,485.68!!!

Soli Deo Gloria