We are in a season of crazy full.  Carl is working most nights and weekends gearing up for Secret Church and Unite National Day of prayer, all the while preparing for Together 2016 on the National Mall on July 16, 2016.

Our college tribe of students are graduating and leaving.  Syntyche is have a Baptism/Graduation Party on May 8th with all her family coming into town.  We will be blessed to host some of them and help her prepare food.  I even get a VIP seating to watch her graduate.

We found a great place for therapy, but it will be 10 intensive sessions in a three week period in May, which means we will have to travel to the cities for all of those.

And oh yeah, we are trying hard to finish homeschooling for the year.  To say that I am ready to be done is an understatement, and we still have a month to go. Homeschooling boys makes me want to beat my head against the wall most mornings.  I don’t make them do much book work, but there is a small amount of necessary handwriting, math and reading that must be done.  Come quickly Lord Jesus – otherwise Jack might not make it.  The boys have been spending their afternoons digging holes in my “not yet” planted garden. They are not going to enjoy putting all the dirt back.

Through all of the fullness of life, I am still trying to find moments of rest; sitting in my green chair in my room, waiting upon the Lord, even if it only lasts a minute or two.

God is faithful.

God is able.