I’m going to gain weight on this quarantine. We bake and eat and bake and eat some more.

Our rhythm has changed. We used to have guests over for about 6 meals per week. There were always extra kids hanging out. My food budget has actually gone down. There were daily activities away from the home. We are feeling the strain of missing true community. Life feels out of sorts.

The moment I say, “I think I’m doing pretty well,” my emotions seem to quickly spiral. I’ve said that my emotions have been like the weather; one minute it’s sunny and warm and I feel as if I could conquer the world. But the next day it’s freezing cold with snow and I barely want to get out of bed and would like to awaken when this is all over.

I’m preaching to myself these days.

– God is faithful even in the midst of the unknown

– This craziness didn’t surprise him

– His ways are better than mine

– I’m a daughter of the King and nothing can change that.