Jack, Max, Lydia and myself went on a bike ride to DQ on Monday. We made it there without any problems. We were on our way home when Max fell off and scraped his knee.

According to him, he couldn’t bike anymore. I explained that it wasn’t an option. Bawling. Mind you, he had a little scrape, not life threatening. He could bike but was choosing drama. After 5 min of this, I offered $1 for his bank, $1 for his store and $1 for his church account. (Dave Ramsey piggy bank). He got back on his bike and almost made it home.

There is a section where there is no sidewalk and we have to bike on the grass. This is always super hard for Max. We get to this part and he throws his bike down and cries. We kept biking until we hit the road. Max took another 5 min of screaming before he pulled it together to bike the rest of the way home.