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Graduation invitation

I went to my mailbox yesterday and received a graduation invitation.  This is no ordinary invitation, it is from a “little girl” who lived across the street from us in Sioux Falls.

She was only 11 when it happened.


Scary, yucky times.

But in the same breath, God was always there.  Always present.

It brought a tears to my eyes to open the invite and see her all grown up and beautiful.

It brought back a flood of memories of shaving our heads together, going shopping for hats, her playing with my little girls and on and on.

I am so very proud of you Lauren!



Resurrection Sunday

Who would have guessed 5 days earlier, we had a huge snowstorm.

We celebrated with new and old friends from Cameroon, Nigeria, and Ghana. Grandpa and Grandma were here too!

We had our evening meal over the fire.



Then Carl and I sent the kids in the house to get ready for bed while we had a mini-date around the fire.

Last ski day

The report from Grandpa:

At the end of the afternoon lessons Grandpa took Grace and Lydia up for a run by themselves and then Hannah and Megan got back from their Mountain Adventure lesson and we all went for a final run of the day.  Hannah was eager to return to the Rustler to go 40 minutes on the treadmill!  Hannah and Megan made level 7 sign off and Grace and Lydia made level 5.  Very impressive for 4 days.



I’m eager for my big girls to come home!! I miss them like crazy!!

Titus begged

Titus begged all morning to workout together “like we did yesterday, Mom!”

So, Shaun T kicked our butts this afternoon.