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We seized this rainy day…

We have tackled the basement and kids bedrooms.

There is only one bag of “normal” garbage in that dumpster.


Now I could really go for a can of orange pop!


Yesterday I took a nap.

It was one of those naps where you wake up and are ready to tackle anything.

God was very merciful to me because he knew I would be tackling a lot and I wasn’t going to fall asleep until 3:30 am.

Jack puked earlier in the day but he got up and played all afternoon.  I should have been suspicious but I wasn’t.

At supper he puked again.  Nothing gross…water and vegetables. Honestly it didn’t even smell bad.

I started tucking kids into bed and I let Jack sleep on my floor.  He sleeps top bunk and there was no way that I wanted him puking from up there.

Next Silas said that his tummy didn’t feel well. So I let him sleep on my floor too.  Titus didn’t want to sleep alone, so now I have three boys on my floor.

About 10pm, Grace started to complain that her tummy hurt and when she is sick, everyone knows.  Lydia couldn’t stand the moaning she made, so I let Lydia sneak into Max’s room and sleep in the spare bed. Adie also thought Grace was too loud and wanted to sleep on my floor too with a bucket of course.  At this point, I don’t know who is really sick and who wanted sympathy.

11:00 the dog starts whining that she needs to go potty.  I run downstairs let her out and Grace follows me and says she still doesn’t feel good.  Silas is yelling for me, but I thought he was mad that I left the room.  I get upstairs to find that he puked ALL over the bathroom. (and he ate more then veggies for supper ….blah).  I get him cleaned up and rubbed oils on two kids bellies.

Grace pukes.

Silas pukes all over my bedroom floor.

Grace pukes.

And Grace pukes one more time.

And just for good measure Silas pukes again around 3:00 am

3:30 after 3 loads of laundry I fell asleep.

4:50 the dog thought it was time to pee. At this point I would have loved to kick Carl and tell him to take care of the dog, but he is gone until Sunday.

I was thankful when everyone slept in until 7:30.


Today was an official “Sick Day” at the Larsen house.  There has been no more puking.  As I tucked each child into bed I asked, “How’s your tummy?”  Everyone seems fine.

At this point, I am praying for a full nights rest.

To be continued…

Dinner is served

Grace, Lydia, Adie, and their friends thought it would be fun to cook and serve an outdoor dinner for Grandpa and Grandma.

They made stir fry, rice, blackbean brownies, and did it with wonderful service. We had such a great time and Grandpa even tipped the wait staff.