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Spring please come

And I don’t care if you bring the mud and dirt with you.

I need to open my windows and send my very loud children out to play without it being a three ring circus to get them outside.


It’s just the beginning

I found him here this morning after talking with my Sister-in-law.

I was in the process of giving a spelling test when I had a sinking feeling that I hadn’t seen double trouble in awhile.  I heard giggling coming from the pantry.  I couldn’t actually open the door, so I held my camera in and found out what they were doing; eating out of the candy bucket.

Later in the morning, I walked into the kitchen to see Max creating his own waterfall with the refrigerator.

Constant occurrence….on top of the table.



Conversation went something like this today.

Me: Boys, I have noticed that you don’t have many underwear in the laundry.  Are you putting new ones on everyday? (At this point I thought they would say, Yes)

Boy#1 – No

Boy #2 – Nope – I didn’t even know that we were supposed to change underwear

Me: But I told you over and over that you need to put on fresh underwear everyday.

Boy #1 – But mine are clean…I think

Me: Honey – we need to change them.

Boy #2  – Why do we have to change them anyways?

Girls overhearing this conversation: Boys that is gross.  I change my underwear everyday.  Me too!  Me too!

Let’s just say, we are in the training process. We are happy that Jack decides to wear underwear most days!


You know when…

Your youngest two boys are having too much fun when you walk into the bathroom to have the walls, counter, mirror, floors, cupboards and little boys all wet with toilet water.



Destructive and cute.