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2013 Highlights | loved beyond all measure

Better late than never?

We didn’t write a family letter for 2013  which bums me a little bit.  I asked my kids mid-December to tell me their highlights.  It has been transferred from one “to do” list to another and now we are closing in on the second month of the new year.  Today is the day – no more!

2013 Highlights


  • 3 new cousins
  • Going to the ranches
  • Seeing Devil’s Tower
  • Helping out at the Calvary Orphan Ministry Garage Sale
  • My weekend away
  • Reading Keepers of the School
  • Doing a commercial with Willow and Olivia
  • Helping with childcare during Table Talk
  • Garage Sales with Mom
  • Art Class, Garage Sales, Science Museum, National Day of Prayer
  • Seeing Frozen in the theaters



  • Going to Elk Ranch
  • Playing at the lake with cousins
  • Doing pottery in Art Class



  • Maggie (our Dog)
  • Swimming – she still has a light swimsuit tan from last summer
  • lots of snow skiing
  • Marc living with us
  • Laney’s Birthday party



  • Finding Maggie when she was lost for over an hour
  • Helicopter from last Christmas
  • Leaf Blowing the neighbor’s yard



  • Going to Itasca State Park Camping
  • Making snowmen
  • Bongo drums from last Christmas



  • Camping, swimming, special dates



  • Being big enough for special dates
  • Sleeping in a big boy bed


Carl and myself would say that going to Noah’s Ark Whitewater Rafing Co was a huge highlight of 2013.  4 days away with no work or kids was refreshing for our marriage!