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Leftovers & today

We have some pictures from yesterday that weren’t posted.  The kids made Max a racecar for his birthday.  It used about 3 rolls of tape and every box in the recycle bin.  He loved it!


Chef Max



This morning, Carl ran out and surprised me with Dutch Maid doughnuts.  We put a candle in it and called it my cake.



I also had a dear friend come over today and watched the kids so that I could run my errands that have been put on hold for the past month.  They also made me a cake while I was gone. Happy 33rd Birthday to me!  Jack has been loving this week because he has to blow everyone’s candles out.  We even relight a few times.

I felt very loved today.

Today’s adventures

Silas has been sure to check the progress everyday of our tomato plants.


Max enjoyed a little freedom in the yard.


This might win coolest mom of the day award.  We had leftover frosting for the girls craft night this winter,  (2 Huge tubs from Sam’s Club) and I let them have a frosting war.





Grandpa treated the birthday trio to Fuji for lunch.




Silas and Titus were able to sneak a ride over to Grandpa and Grandma’s for a little one on one time.


Happy 9th Birthday Grace!

You are a joy and delight.  I am so very thankful God blessed me with a girl first.  You are growing up to be such a fine young lady. Your father and I love you deeply and are very proud of you!


Happy Birthday Max!

My sweet little boy turned 1 today! I simply can’t believe that it has been a year already. There are moments when I wish I could freeze time to nuzzle my nose in his sweet baby rolls and throw him up in the air to get belly giggles.

Max, you win the easiest baby award! Sleeping 12 hours at night and still taking two naps. You love to sit in your highchair and watch the chaos. You recently have taken to crawling and love to get into Rez’s water dish. We have been able to keep you away from the basement door, but you did make it to the toilet to play in the water. I see it in your eyes how you long to run and romp with Jack. Someday soon my little one, you will be keeping up with your big brothers. Until then, I am going to capture every moment I can with my baby. Grace was right when she said, “Babies are rare.” You grow up way too quickly and before I know this birthday will be a distant memory.

I love you Max Duane Larsen!


Simple things

Sometimes in life, I want things to be simple, easy, no stress. But more often than not, I find that it really isn’t possible.

For example, today I took the four little boys for a bike ride. Not so hard one might think. Strap on their helmets and put them in the carrier and go.

Silas’s bike need the chain put back on.

I had to remember how to attach the trailer to the bike. (Thank goodness we have a Daddy who could double check my work.)

Okay, not so bad. We made it all the way around the park and stopped at a playground for a little romping. Boys really need about 5-6 hours a day of jumping, hitting, banging, running, swinging, swimming, and any other -ing word that has action in it.

We get home and realize that Jack left his shoes at the park. Titus had already ran into the house and I told Silas to go get him so we could trek back to the park. About 10 minutes later, Titus strolls out of the house with untied shoes. What he did in that time, I have no idea.

Off we go again.

But this time Silas’s chain fell off his bike 6 times between home, park and home again. Mas was not happy about the frequent stops because as Jack said it, “I am all done and want out of here.”

All I wanted was a simple bike ride and it turned out to be a mini llama drama. But then again, I should expect it. I shouldn’t be caught off guard anymore, but sometimes I still do.

I was reminded tonight that even what I would consider to be a failure, another person might not. At supper tonight we started a family gratitude journal that we are going to write in each evening. Titus was grateful for our bike ride. Humbling.

And even though he was cranky for 9/10 of that last ride, this is what I opened the back of the trailer to. Yes, sometimes a bike ride can be simple, easy and no stress. (Make sure you don’t let go of the graham cracker because your big brother might eat it while you are sleeping.)