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I just overheard

Titus: “I should go first because I have an owie.”

Silas: “That is just an excuse and not a reason to be able to be first.”

Production Meeting

Max made it to the Monday morning production meeting of Telescope Media Group.


My perfect day

Yesterday the girls pulled off my perfect day.
Let me back up, 2 months ago we were sitting around the lunch table when I asked each person to describe his/her perfect day.  The most common perfect day was to go to Great Wolf Lodge with the cousins.  When every one was done, the kids wanted to know my perfect day so in my deep radio voice I started out…

“Well, I would wake up when I wake up.  No one would wake me up.

I would have a Dutch Maid doughtnut, well, maybe two.

We would go for a family walk and maybe stop at a garage sale or two along the way.

For lunch we would have Qdoba.

Everyone would take a two hour nap and then we would go to the lake with a whole bunch of friends.

We would then enjoy awesome food, have a bond fire and drink adult beverages.”

“What are adult beverages?” someone asked from the table.

“Ones that only adults can drink.” came my reply.


Since that day, the girls have been planning my perfect day.  It was almost spoiled by the infection of hand foot and mouth by Jack, Adie and Max, but Nana came to the rescue and stayed home with those three.

I had an awesome day.  We changed a few things, but I had Dutch Maid and a walk.  We had a picnic lunch of Papa John’s Pizza, and a nap.  The girls planned Crab legs, brats, sweet corn and angel food cake for dinner at the lake.  They planned and packed it all.  I simply was told to get in the van at 2:30 and we left on the adventure.

I haven’t been that relaxed at the lake since before children.

I am so blessed and so loved!