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Carl’s life lesson

Carl took three cans of pop and showed the kids what happens when you open a can, shake and open a can and shake and drop a can on a sharp rock. All of this was being done while he told the story of his mom standing next to a horse when she dropped a can of pop next to it. What do think the horse thought was right underneath it?





Jack quote

“I have a broken leg”


Jack’s 4-wheeler

We hit a jackpot of a garage sale today.



The things one can do with just two little boys for the morning while their siblings are at VBS.

Before – I couldn’t close the door.


After- now I need a lock for it so Jack doesn’t sneak food. Or just put all canned goods on the lower shelf.


Lydia quote

“I’m so glad we have a kid friendly intern.”

Adie’s prayer on the way to VBS

Dear Jesus,

Help me not to be sassy.

Help me to not plug my ears when they play music I don’t like.

Help me to say “Yes” to Jesus and “No” to Satan.

Help me not to say, “Eeeewe I don’t like this.”

Help Jack while we are at VBS.

(There were about 5 more “Help me…”  but I can’t remember )


Wasn’t that a good prayer, Mommy?  Were you listening?

UPDATE:  After VBS, Adie lost her mind over the food presented to her.  I asked her, if she remembered her prayer from earlier this morning to which she replied screaming, “That was only for at church and we are NOT at church.”

Okay then.

Nap for you today my dear.