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What happens when…

You let a two year get off your bed at 10:25 at night while you are talking with your husband who is working out of town.
1. He turns on all the lights in the main floor.
2. He lets the dog out of the kennel.
3. Dog pees on the floor.
4. Dog poops on the floor.
5. He walks into the pee puddle while eating cookies that he swiped off the counter.
This is the smile he gave me when I walked into the kitchen.


What’s a momma supposed to do? Smooch those cheeks and send him to bed. The last thing he said to me was, “I sleep with rema.” (Crema)

Not tonight buddy!


me:  Adie you have something on your face.

Adie:  What is it?

me: chocolate milk

Adie:  I have a beard?

me:  Those are called milk mustaches

Silas quote

“I am silly for God’s own glory.” – Silas

Yes, we are currently going through Big Truths for Little Kids

Q:Who made you?

A: God

Q: What else did God make?

A: Everything

Q: Why did God make you and everything?

A: For His own Glory

Standing in the awkward

Do you ever have those moments when you realize that God has been shaping and molding your life for ___________ (fill in the blank.)

In my journey called life, I have met more and more Christians who are going through difficult situations who use the word, “Isolated.”

I kept asking myself, why is that?  Why do we run away, avoid, become too busy when times get tough?

When it comes right down to it, it’s that we don’t want awkward situations. We will avoid people or situations instead of acknowledge and/or confront it.  We don’t want to get messy.   When you truly live life with other people, it is hard, painful, gut wrenching at times but that leads to more beauty than you can ever imagine.  We are not made to do this alone.   I am reading through Job right now and I keep pondering over the fact that his friends sat with him for seven days before anything was said.  (Granted, three of them weren’t the most helpful.)  The sheer fact that they sat for SEVEN days.  Would I do that?  Sit in silence with someone, hold their hand, and just be.  Honestly, just the thought is hard for me to grasp.

American culture has taught us to not cry, suck it up and just do it. Why as women do we apologize when we cry?  I do it.   Shouldn’t we be able to cry when life gets hard and not apologize about it?  No one has it all together, not one of us.  Satan wants us to think that everyone else has their poop in a group, but they don’t. In doing that, he succeeds in isolating us.

So, I am trying to stand in the awkward.  Do those things that no one is willing to do.  Say the things that no one wants to say.  Not forgetting that there are very hurt people in my midst.

Encouraging. Loving.

and getting messy in the process.

In the end God is weaving my tiny little life into his grand story of grace, mercy and redemption.

I am so grateful he is willing to use a sinner like me.