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Today I was blessed by two high school ladies who came and helped out at the house.  I mean they did jobs that I haven’t gotten to in, oh let’s not say how long.  It would be rather embarrassing.  Actually it would make you all feel really good about yourself if I told you.  Okay, it has been months since I cleaned the refrigerator, my closet, Tupperware cupboard and many other “little” areas.

I am giddy that my closet is color coordinated again with short sleeve to long sleeve.  (Nerd – yes I know.) I have wanted to do a purge of it for some time, but I needed to know what I exactly had before I said good-bye to a big chunk of it.  I think I am going to turn around all the hangers and see what I wear in the next three months.  I don’t like holding on to all the extra stuff.  I might have to have an honest friend come over and give the yay or nay to some of it too.  Honestly, once I go beyond the solid color top, there isn’t much left.  I am boring.  Maybe I should say, simple.

The girls read and played games with the kids too.  I could seriously have a professional reader at my house for 3 hours a day and there would always be someone sitting there listening.  I wish I had that much time to devote to reading, but alas many other mommy duties call my name.

Crema came to visit

Even though she’s too small to bring home yet, Crema came over for a visit today. I think Jack has a new best buddy.






Big kid adventure

The dads took the 5 biggest cousins on a rock climbing adventure while the “littles” rested. They had a great time!





Angel has been working on her sidearm skills over vacation. I might think this is just a tad** attractive. Just a bit. 🙂


Our boys like coffee

Jack has really been enjoying the new espresso machine on vacation. Don’t worry it’s decaf.