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A little jumpy

Today while I was attempting to help 4 children at their schoolwork, Jack took a nip out of my thigh.  I thought I was going to go threw the roof. I didn’t see that one coming at all.  He nuzzled up to my leg and quick as a wink bit me.

Now the whole day, every time he came close to me I would jump thinking he was going to bite.  Maybe tomorrow my nerves will be a little less.

Warm fuzzy feeling

I was finally able to finish my back closet and this makes for one happy momma. There was a hanging rod with a shelf overhead. It wasn’t the best use of space so I changed it up a little bit. Every kid gets a basket for shoes and I have enough space to add 6 more baskets, so I can store extra things like all the warm socks, extra hats and mittens, bags, etc. When they are getting ready to go outside, I don’t want to have to run through the house rummaging for  those things. As you can see the baskets are even labeled. When you have a large family, EVERYTHING must be labeled. It will save your sanity in the long run. I highly recommend getting a label maker (or ask for it for Christmas – you will thank me later.) Now, I better go and order those 6 extra baskets!


Adie quote:

I must blog this before I forget.

Last Sunday, we were getting out of the van for church when I noticed that Adie had a little jelly on the corner of her mouth.

Like most moms, I licked my thumb and proceeded to wipe off the jelly.

At this point, Adie flips out and looses her mind in the parking lot.  Silas is trying to console her and asks what is wrong.

“Mom, just spit on me.”

Technically I guess I did use my spit on her face, so maybe yes she can say that I spit on her.

Note to self, next time make her stick out her tongue and I will use her spit to clean her face.