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This makes me giggle

Last night we had a craft night and we made necklaces.  We were coming up with sayings that we could put on them.

My personal favorite of the evening that I really want to wear to church some Sunday…

“I’m so crafty that I make people.”

Helmet Boy

He likes to wear his helmet everywhere and all the time.  So much so, that the neighbor thought he had a head condition where he “needed” to wear it.


He loves his helmet even though he can’t ride a bike yet because his legs are too short.

I guess it was better than Adie’s choice yesterday of rubber puppy boots, life jacket, bonnet, and helmet – all to ride her bike to the neighbors.

Lydia’s Garage Sale folder

Lydia wanted her own folder so she would be prepared for the lemonade stand at the Garage Sale.  Make sure you come by and buy $.25 lemonade, cookies and homemade cards.  I am so excited to see how much money God raises with a bunch of 6-12 year olds!

Adie logic

This morning Adie called from the bathroom, “Come wipe my butt.”

Carl:  “Adie wipe your own butt.”

Adie:  “I can’t wipe my own butt because then I would have to wash my hands and I really don’t want to do that.”

Frustrated with the IRS

We received a little letter in the mail this week saying that our adoption tax credit is in “review.”  Plus we are now flagged for three other areas…boy that excites me.

I had a feeling this would happen since I have been hearing rumblings of other adoptive parents getting the same letter.  I sent a copy of almost every piece of paper that I could to them with our taxes.  I didn’t take a family photo, maybe that would prove that two of our children were born in Ethiopia.

Hopefully this all resolves without too much a headache, but then the IRS has not really proved themselves to be headache free.

We need our tax credit to finish the adoption because we need to get the boys a Certificate of Citizenship so that we can get permanent SS numbers.  For only $550 per child, you too can have a lovely piece of paper that says they are “for real” your children.  No government agency can talk to each other and it has quite possibly the most frustrating thing to walk through.  Every government worker shrugs their shoulders and says, “Sorry, we can’t help you.  Go onto the next place.”

Lord willing soon, I will be done with paperwork and then that box is going high up in the rafters of the garage!