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cleaning = weeping and wailing

The kids were sent downstairs to clean up their mess from the past week.

Fussing, moaning, whining, fighting…and then I hear…

“It is all mom and dad’s fault.  First they had to get married, have us, adopt, have more kids and now look at this mess.”

Yes, I am sure it is all my fault.  Somewhere, somehow it will always be my fault.  Ha!

New neighbor

I was over at our new house last night checking on the painting progress and happened to meet my next door neighbor.

Small talk took place and then I dropped the bomb that we had 6 children.  I wish I could have snapped a shot of her face when I said those words.  It was not the look of “oh yippie this is going to be fun.”  Once she gave me that look, I decided that I would let her figure out this summer that I was pregnant.

I had a good laugh when I told Carl about it when I got home.


I made:
a batch of bread – 4 loaves
Banana bread

I had a friend over and we made 22 freezer meals which means I now have 11 in my freezer! Fantastic! That was 15 lbs of hamburger browned, 7 boxes of noodles, 14 jars of spaghetti sauces, lbs and lbs of different kinds of cheese, 8 lbs of tater-tots, and many other things but the amount of food just made was enormous.

Plus a HUGE pot of soup to feed 4 families.

I am looking forward to doing this again!

3 Bowls

We just spilled three bowls of cereal with milk onto the floor in a matter of 5 minutes. I don’t think we can handle cereal for afternoon snack anymore.
I think I want to scream.
Silas said, “Whoa that is a lot of mess.”

Okay change gears now we are off to swimming lessons.