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This week was supposed to start out better.
I now have a head cold. This morning we went to co-op with me having the sniffles to by the end of three hours I thought my head was going to explode. I am so bummed because now my kids are pretty much on the mend and I am still out for the count. I so just want to feel good.
Lord willing soon.

Why haven’t I done this before?

I told the kids this morning that once they were all dressed for church, ate their breakfast, teeth & hair brushed and socks on that they could watch cartoons.  This was a record morning folks!


There was no fussing and moaning about the process.

I need to do this more often especially on mornings like these when Carl is gone.

Silas and his special date

I truly think these special dates will be the highlight of my kids childhood.

Carl is a wonderful father and it is hard sometimes to carve out time for these dates, but they are so worth it. They talk about them all the time and are trying to come up with new things to do on their dates.

I heard via a text that Silas had a little cheering section while he was climbing.  I bet a million bucks he had his smug little smile going on!

Silas quote of the day

“We go outside so that we can scream. That’s a good idea!”

That was a very good idea. It is 11 degrees outside and they are riding their bikes on the deck while screaming. Fresh air will do them well – even if it is only for 5 minutes.