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September 10th

Is the big due date.

It is probably safe to say that the baby will be born in September sometime.

I am hoping it will be 7th or later because Carl works Labor Day weekend in Sioux Falls every year and it would be nice to have him home when we have a baby 🙂  S0- Mom can you come and stay with me for a while?

This is one of those things where I say, “God knows and I am not going to fret about it.  There is nothing I can do.”

Hanging out with the Cousins

This weekend we broke one of the longest periods of separation from the cousins we’ve experienced in years. It was refreshing to go and visit Narnia to ski, snowshoe, build big fires and have a birthday party.  We love our weekends away to visit family.

Pictures from Adie’s Birthday

She let me off easy this year.  I love the fact that all I had to do was plop a Barbie on top and voila, you have yourself a Barbie Cake!  Notice, all she wanted for dinner was Mac & Cheese from the box.  I don’t think it will always be this simple, but I love 4 year olds.

She is enjoying her own new chair.

Adie Quote

“Mom, how many days are you going to wear that shirt and pants?”

Me:  “Ummm, honey, it is not dirty so I am going to wear it again.”

Spilled soup

I spilled a huge container of leftover Chicken noodle soup at lunch today.

Fast as lightening Silas and Titus were over to check out the mini lake in the middle of the floor.

This is what I heard.

“Oh, mom that was a very bad choice.”

“You should have used two hands.  Do you need me to show you how to use two hands?”

“I’m so disappointed that you spilled the soup.”

“Oh, mom, I really wanted that for lunch.”

“You must not have used two hands.”

“That is a big mess.  You better clean it up.”

The last one almost made me loose it…I kept my head down the whole time so that they wouldn’t see me laughing.

Silas said, “I am going to tell Grandpa and Grandma on you.”