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Trick or Treat!

Yes. We went trick or treating.

1 princess, 2 dinosaurs, 8 plastic buckets, and a grandpa who picked us all up at the end of the block.

We probably won’t be going to bed for a while with all these cousins and treats.

1/2 inch

I went to the Dr. today and guess what?  I grew a half an inch!  I am now officially 5’7 1/2.  Crazy!  Can a person grow when they are 31?


Is very hard work.

These past two weeks I have kind of wanted to pull my hair out.

You see I have a very spunky 3 year old who screams for everything and I mean EVERYTHING.  We have her go to her room to scream, but it is very wearing to put her their so many times per day.  I actually left her in the house screaming while I loaded the kids to go to the YMCA this morning.  After about 15 minutes she decided to put on shoes and wear a coat.

She is a very particular child too.  We are now cutting the tags out of every article of clothing.  She won’t wear socks because they are “ouchy!”  She hates her winter coat because it is “scratchy” (polar fleece scratchy?)  She has worn this Easter dress every single day for the past week. (I just wash every night – hey at least she has clothes on.)  She hates pants, shoes, long sleeves, the list could go on and on, but what it really means is she is going to be one cold kid this winter.  I can’t bush her hair w/o a major throw down wrestling match.  Oh my – Oh my – I am pretty much exhausted.

As my mom would say, “This too shall pass.”

Side note:  As I type this,  my spunky three year old has been playing in the tub with her brothers for the past 45 minutes.  I think they should be prunes by now with really cold water.  At least they are clean, contained and having fun.  A great way to end this hard day.

email me?

Is someone trying to contact me?

I have been getting blank “contact me” info from  my site.  It is coming from my button that says contact me.  I am not receiving your question or comment.

You can email me at larsen angel @gmail.com (no spaces)


I realized halfway through co-op this morning, I didn’t do my hair.  Seriously, I took a shower and towel dried it, raked it with my fingers and walked out of the bathroom with full intention of coming back to style it and put a little product in it.

Umm…I can honestly say that has never happened before.  Sure I have intentionally not done my hair for various reasons but completely forgetting…that is a different story. I did enjoy it when I had my head shaved because then I didn’t have to worry about it for almost 6 months.

The crazy part is that Jack slept the whole night and it wasn’t a battle to go to sleep so I can’t even blame it on a lack of sleep. (maybe the collective lack of sleep:)