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What she has been up to…

They were really smart this year at the ranch. They took Adie’s carseat and strapped it into the mule so they could move cattle w/o having to worry about her falling out. Brilliant, I say!

Helping Papa with the cows

She comes back tomorrow.  We are ready for her!


Things I learned today:

1.  I am really out of shape because the warm up for aerobics just about killed me.

2.  I should have listened to the doctor and done more Kegel exercises while I was pregnant.

3.  Don’t ever weigh myself at the Y because their scale is 7 lbs heavier than mine.  That almost made me jump out of my skin.  That is scary…I will stick with mine.

4.  Nurse Jack before going to step aerobics…it will always make me feel better.

5. Don’t feel bad if the aerobics instructor is yelling at me to move faster…she doesn’t have my bladder, nor breasts full of milk.  She is just trying to motivate me.  Maybe next time will be better:)

I came out of there a happy girl…I showered all by myself and left with 3 happy boys.  (The girls are at VBS and Adie is still at the ranch.  We get her back on Friday.  I miss that little spitfire.)

Guest post

Carl put the last post up. I didn’t know he took that picture this morning. He was kind of giddy when he told me I better go and check my blog. He is so gracious to me and lets me sleep in most mornings until 7ish. What a great guy! I am not so much a morning person. I would love to sleep in until 8 am every day, but that is not possible with 6 small children.
I have to admit that sometimes I let them watch cartoons for just 1/2 hour more sleep. Oh…and that feels so good!

Quick side note to the Sam’s Club adventure:
I had Silas and Titus in the cart when we heard over the loud speaker, “So and so please report to the front.”
Silas begins yelling and the top of his lungs, “So and So please report…”
To which I quickly got him to stop. He thought it was extremely funny to repeat whatever he heard.

One more thing, Silas has a loose tooth. Yes, I think he is a little older than three because most three year old’s that I know can’t ride a bike without training wheels and they only dream of loosing a tooth so the tooth fairy can come and visit. Crazy kid!


One thing I love about getting older is friendships.  It is like a marinade, the longer you soak the better it is.

It is hard to maintain friendships in our culture today.  One must be VERY intentional because life is so busy, inundated with media and activities.

Go, Go, Go and Do, Do , Do, but with no depth.  Sure we have a ton of acquaintances, just check out Twitter or Facebook, but real friends with whom you can share the depths of your heart, knowing all the while they love you and want to see good in your life.  Those are hard to come by because taking the time to have that fellowship takes time, quality and quantity.

We’ve been blessed with friends in all seasons of our life, but right now my heart overflows with the way God is showing us his love through the body of Christ.  But none of these friendships would be as rich if we didn’t meet together,  pray together and share our lives together.  That takes intentional living!

My challenge for anyone reading this today is to call a friend and invite them over for dinner, even if it means putting it on the calendar a  month from now.  I promise you won’t regret it.