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What my kids learned today…

Titus learned how to ride a bike without training wheels. Yes that means I have had 4 kids learn how to ride bike this year without their training wheels.

Silas learned that you do not sass mommy at the supper table.

Adie learned that you do not keep flushing the toilet when it is plugged. It overflows when you do that!

Grace learned that she better put sunscreen on her neck and she can bike 3 miles!

Lydia…hmmm…I don’t know exactly what she learned today. She did go to 4H day camp with her big sister and they had a blast. I love it when they can get their arts and craft fix somewhere else.

Jack, oh baby Jack! He is still the most adorable fun loving baby out there. I love smooching his cheeks!


I am blessed to have a friend from college staying with us this week while Carl is gone on business. I have help all day with the kids which means I have been able to tackle my “list.”

For starters, I was able to clean the garage to the point of using the mop and bucket to get all the winter salt off the cement. It looks fabulous.

Mowed the grass, trimmed the hedges, blew all the grass clippings off the driveway, washed the windows in the front of the house with my brand new squeegee were a few more things that were checked off.

Bathed all my children except Silas who is on a special over night at Nana’s farm.

Sewed a nursing shawl for an order.

And now I am officially pooped and going to bed.

I did somehow manage to get a flat tire on the lawn mower and now my ever so gracious father-in-law is fixing it for me. Thank You Peter! I didn’t do it on purpose.

Missing tooth

Guess who lost his first tooth?

He was so stinking proud of himself.

He had to call Uncle Matt first to tell him the good news.

Fire Restaurant

Fire Restaurant…at least that is how it is known at our house.

Last night Grandpa and Grandma took us all out to eat to Fuji Steakhouse for Carl’s 30th Birthday, cousin Luke was able to join us too.   They were brave to take 7 children 7 and under.  I must say that they all did extremely well!  Luke asked Grandpa if he would take him to this restaurant when he turned 30.

I wish you could have seen the look on Silas’ face the first time the grill went up in flames, sheer terror and sheer excitement all wrapped up in one.   It was great that we were the first ones to eat on Friday night, so the kids actually saw quite a few more grills go up in flames before the night was over.

Want to know my favorite part?  I didn’t have to serve or cut up meat for any children and I ate hot food!  Such a treat these days!

Always something

I pulled up in our driveway and stopped the van.

The boys unbuckled themselves while I opened the van door for them.  I turned around in the van to unbuckle Jack and pull him out of his car seat.  In that amount of time, Titus pulled down his pants and peed off the ledge of the van.

It made my words sputter together and I finally said, “Titus, we are in the driveway.”

To which Silas said, “He had to go mom.”