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Grandpa and Jack

It’s been great having Grandpa and Grandma back from the ranch to make summertime memories with the kids. Today we went to church, Granite City Brewery, and ate sticky rice and mangoes together for dinner. It was another Grace-filled, wonderful, undeserved, Sunday.

Look at those handsome men!


For the first time since we were married there were no cavities at the dentist yesterday! And that goes for everyone!

I think I hear the angels rejoicing in heaven right now.

I have had at least one cavity per year and I just couldn’t kick the habit. I think I only had 1 up until I turned 22 and then my mouth decided it needed average out with everyone else.

So, today I am very thankful! It won’t be as big of a bill as I thought it would be.

We are off to the lake today with Grandma and the cousins are going to join us later this afternoon.

I told Silas that we were going to a house by the water and that we were going in a boat. He cocks his head and looks at me.
“Do you know what a boat is?”
He shakes his head no but then the light bulb when off and he said, “Jesus’ boat? Are we going with Jesus?”
We have been talking about when Jesus got into the boat and calmed the sea.
I love how his braining is working and connecting all the dots. It is truly amazing to watch!


Intentional is my new motto for this season of life.

Gone are the days of last minute anything.

I must be intentional with my time, my friendships, my children, my husband and most of all God. I find it is so easy to let days slip by which turns into weeks and then before I know it I am saying things such as, “The boys have been here 6 months already. Where has the time gone? My baby has teeth? We’ve lived here almost two years!”

With my children, I need to plan fun things because it is so much easier to stay home and do nothing. I have to make those play-dates, drive to Duluth to visit the cousins, go to the library (gasp…I haven’t done that yet and I am working up the mental energy to do it). With my kids, I call it planned spontaneity. They think I thought of going to the splash pad as a last minute thing when really I had been planning it all weekend.

With friends, I don’t have free time, so I have to make it. Let me tell you that this is hard! Extremely hard because I want to invest in relationships and do it well. I am a terrible communicator. I have forgotten emails and phone calls. Birthday, graduation, baby cards? let’s just say Hallmark is not a brand that my children recognize. Another area that I need to work on is encouragement. In my head, I have all these nice things to say to people but 9 times out 10, I don’t say it. Why is that?

As a family we have been intentional of having families over for Thursday night dinner. This has been a huge blessing. It is not much extra work to throw a few more burgers on the grill or double a batch of soup, but the relational rewards are enormous. When you share a meal with someone there is a connection there that otherwise wouldn’t have been. I can think of numerous times where Jesus is eating and sharing a meal with people.

With my husband, I have been working on getting a babysitter planned even when it is a costly part of our monthly budget or snag Grandma or Nana when they are available so we can go on a walk down by the river.

With God, I want to start a bible study. I think I need to do a Beth Moore this summer. I don’t know which one I would like to do. I need to do a little research and see who has Tuesday nights free. Carl hangs out with a few men that night and I can’t leave so that means I need the women to come to me.

By being intentional I pray that at the end of my life I won’t say that I wasted it.

Splash pad

This morning I braved the YMCA. It is a workout for me just to get there. We survived and made it home.

Since it was 90 degrees and 90% humidity, I decided to do the hard thing. I took the kids to the splash pad. This place scares me because you can loose a kid in a nanosecond. With that being said, I knew I needed to conquer my fears. I knew that school was still on so the sheer number of kids would be down.

This is what I did…

1..2…3…4….oh where is 5…oh there he is
repeat and repeat again.

The kids did great! I only had to tell Silas to play nice with the other kids once. At the splash pad, there are only two little places that fill with water and he was being a water hog.

The silence of naps was beautiful this afternoon.

Now I have 5 children watching Dancing With The Stars. It is the only TV we watch during the week. Tomorrow is the season finale. Grace is almost beside herself. If you want to start a conversation with her, just ask about DWTS. She could tell you just about anything from this season.