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Silas Versus The Blender

The following is a guest blog by Carl:

Our kitchen aid blender finally died yesterday. So instead of simply throwing it away, Angel decided to be a super-cool mommy and let Silas take it apart to learn what’s inside.

This may seem like a little thing, but I love it when she chooses the harder option for the sake of our kids’ education. She’s a great example of what it means to have a servant’s heart. It would have been so much more convenient for her just to throw the blender away and be done with it, but instead she took the time to meet Silas’ needs and use it as a learning opportunity for him. Besides, there are really few things that bring a two-year-old boy greater joy than being told to break something open with a hammer… except of course, watching your wife come up with the idea on her own.


Protect Life

This is the 3rd sign that has been put up.  Someone or a group of individuals feels that life is not important and thus they need to deface the sign.  It is mighty sad when we come out and the sign is either ripped down or paint is thrown on it.  The sign is on my sister-in-laws yard but now that they have moved we are taking over  the care of the sign. All the kids helped…even Jack was strapped to me in his carrier while we put it up.

It WILL stay up  – even if we have to keep buying new signs.

I kind of want to put another little sign right by it that says:  Every time we buy a new sign, a large contribution goes to MCCL.


Good News:

He is 18.5 lbs and not even 4 months old yet

Bummer News:

He has a cold, an ear infection and is projectile vomiting.  I think the vomiting is because of the multiple medications he is now on.  I am going to try spacing them tonight and hopefully everything will stay down. I was told by the doctor yesterday that kids who get RSV at infants will usually have respiratory problems until 2-3 and they will get EVERY cold out there.  That would explain why Jack has been on an every other week rotation cold/healthy since he has been born.

Next weeks goal:  A healthy Jack!  It will make the 12 hour drive to Grandpa and Grandma’s much more fun!

To the childcare workers:

If you have the blessed opportunity to watch my three lovely darlings at church, I want to thank you.

I know working two year old nursery is a thankless job and it is hard work.  Then to add my three lively, rambunctious, somewhat naughty children to the bunch makes it even harder. Adie is a spit-fire.  She always has been, and I am guessing always will be.  To parent her alone wears me out, so to add Silas and Titus to the mix it becomes  more than a full time job.  Silas knows when you are not looking and is quick to make his dash out the door.  Titus will look at you and smile with those adorable dimples and when you are off guard, he will quietly slip out the door. I do know that you are working on another solution to the door because switching the knobs didn’t work.  I know my children and their quirks.  We are working on their behaviors. But you see, they have power in numbers.  What one doesn’t think of the other two will and with a few nods and smiles of approval, the Lord only knows what they will think of and do next.  Lord willing next year will be easier for all of you.

I appreciate that you make it possible for me to go to church.  If it wasn’t for you, I would be staying home.  I NEED to be able to go to church and worship for those 90 minutes once a week w/o all the chasing and parenting.  Again, Thank you for staying calm while you search the hallways for them, deal with the screaming from Adie, and most importantly for sharing the love of Christ to my children and to myself.

Wanna do something amazing?

Support an adoption!

I did last night.   Together with the body of Christ a little boy with Downs syndrome will be in a loving family.  Check it out HERE.

I don’t know this family, but God does and he is writing a beautiful story.

This excites me.  God’s people rallying together for HIS glory not our own.