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Picture Update

Bedtime Fun – Each of the triplets thought it would be fun to crawl into Daddy’s shirt and poke their heads out of the collar. Sure. Why not? Crawl inside.

adie shirt

titus shirt

silas shirt

Sometimes Grandpas do things that mommies would never do. For example, putting children up on the ledge between the kitchen and dining room.
on the shelf

Fun with the cousins building with magnatiles.
magnatiles cousins

Mothers of Multiples

Yes I have joined that world. I didn’t even realize that there was a support group for mothers of multiples…and I qualify with my triplets.

They have a huge garage sale twice a year here in town. A friend invited me to sell a few things under her name, so I took her up on her offer.

This was a well oiled machine event!

Seriously – these women had it down to a tee.

We all arrived at 7 am…set up…put of stuff out…we shopped early…and then they let in hoards of people at 11 am. They only run the sale until 2 pm. It was completely amazing!

(I was hoping that I sold enough things to buy our whole family nerf guns for a family nerf war. My kids would go crazy over something that like. And I just saw them on sale at Target for $10…shhhh!)


I’ve been mulling this post over in my head for the past couple of weeks. This Sunday it was brought up at our small group and it was again when I went to our MOMS group at church.

The topic was basically on meeting needs for people whether they just had a baby, are going through a crisis, or just being an authentic community of believers.

The one thing that I have learned along the way is this: I must be intentional on meeting the needs of people around me. I cannot say, “Call me anytime.” or “Let me know how I can help.” Because if I am really honest, when people say this to me I don’t or won’t call them. I am not going to call someone who I know lives a busy life (don’t we all live busy lives?) and say, “Will you come and clean my bathroom?”

Nope. Not a chance. I will suck it up and clean my own bathroom – even if it takes me a couple of weeks to do it. It is my own sin of pride getting in the way.

I started thinking that if I feel and do these things I am probably not alone.

What I need to start doing and saying is this:
“I have Tuesday night free. I am coming over to your house and I will do whatever you need done. I am bringing my cleaning supplies and you will put me to work.”
“I am making you a meal. When would you like me to bring it over, or would you like me to freeze it so you can pull it out any night of the week?”

I know this is a little too straight forward for some people, but this is what has been done to me in the past. I was blessed last fall when a group of women came to my house and did a deep cleaning. It was so wonderful because I was 8 months pregnant and the two boys just had come home and life was hard. They said they were coming and I should make a list of things I wanted cleaned; they didn’t give me much of a choice. I would have never asked in a million years for help, but they met a huge need. (of course I could have said, “no” to them and missed out on God’s blessing)

I have talked to some of my friends about how I try to live my life at 75% speed. Meaning that I don’t want to be running around at 100% because I can not maintain it long term. If I keep it at 75% then I am able to make that meal at the last minute, run an errand for a friend, make a phone call, or when life throws some punches I am not dropping all the spinning plates because I have left margin in my life. (This means I have to say “no” to some really fun and cool things – Can I even say godly things? …gasp!)

Isn’t that what we all long for? Margin….space…breathing space.

Honestly, right now with a new baby and 2 new sons from Ethiopia I am running about 94% just because I have so many little people and they have an enormous amount of physical needs. But this season shall quickly pass and become a distant memory. I am looking forward to finding my new normal 75%. What does that look like? I don’t know yet, but I am hoping to find out this summer.

Things I am learning

Boys are loud.

They love to jump, run, bump, hit, touch, take apart and color on just about anything.

They are not satisfied with being outside for 30-45 minutes…they want 3-4 hours.

They can talk just as much as girls.

If they are not roughed at least once a day(ie: Daddy throwing them on the couch)…they become extremely feisty and hard to be around.

They are very proud of the smells and noises that come out of their bodies.

They liked to be told that they are fast and strong.

They could care less if their clothes match, are inside out, backwards or clean.

They eat a TON of food…even when they are two years old.

They are great helpers.

They are extremely fun and compliment all the girls in my house.

I love my boys!

quote from Carl

“If whining was a salable skill…we’d be loaded.”

It is only 10:33 and it has been a long morning.