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Simply Love

Instead of going out on Valentine’s Day, we ordered T-shirts to support Hope Chest.
We both LOVE our shirts. It was so sweet to have both boys fall asleep in their Daddy’s arms.



Elephant rides

We thought we would save ourselves $21 and have elephant rides at home. They don’t know the difference.



Arts and crafts

I have to admit it…I hate paints. There are not many things that drive me crazy, but this is one of them. Someone always leaves the table with paint on their hands, it gets on their clothes no matter how many paint shirts they wear, but you know what? They love it, so I take a deep breath and do hard things and put my type A personality someplace else for 20 minutes. The only time I like paints is when we paint outside and then I can take a water hose to everything including the children:)





Daddy Date

Silas and Titus went with Carl to drop his parents off at the airport this morning. On the way back he stopped at a meat market with the boys. (Now if you know my boys, you will know that they LOVE meat)
When they walked into the shop, Carl said their eyes were as big as pancakes. I mean there was meat everywhere and when you are 3 ft high and your nose is at the level where you see everything. My, Oh My!
They walked into the house beaming from ear to ear with excitement as they held their jerky sticks. I asked them if they had a good time and both boys yelled, “Yes,” and danced down the hallway still eating their jerky stick.

I think Daddy had a very successful first date with the boys.

Jack update

Yesterday I had written a long post on how I had to admit to myself that Jack is colicky, but I didn’t post it.

Well, this afternoon he had an appointment and the Dr thinks he has acid reflux. Thus would explain how he hit 3 weeks of life and started to cry, cry and cry some more. He had most of the symptoms, but I thought he had to be throwing up to have acid reflux, but that is not the case. He is truly happy only when I carry him. (Even now, I set him down to start this blog post and it only took him about 4 minutes to wake up and be fussy. He is laying on my lap as I type this. We will see how far I get before I have to sign off. One handed typing is slow.) We started some meds tonight and should see in about a week if they are working.

Carl and I joke that he knows when we come in a 3 ft radius of a chair. He will be calm and sleeping while we are standing and rocking him, but as soon as we even think about sitting, Jack wakes up and screams. Oh and another thing is that Jack does not have baby toots but man farts! My goodness he can stink out a room. He does a great job competing with Silas and Titus.