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You know you blog when…

Your kids come in and say, “Mom, this should go on your blog.” (and this is before we even pull out the camera!)

So, here they are!


They thought they were so funny coming in with sunglasses on in the middle of winter.






My new line

“Mommy cannot meet everyone’s needs at the same time…YOU will just have to wait.”

I must say this 20 times a day and each of my 5 small children hear it frequently. I know they will be hearing it a lot more once the baby arrives. But I keep thinking of that someday when no one will be standing hanging on my leg saying, “Mommmie!” or going “uh…uh…uh..” (You know that whine/grunt that 2 year olds use when they don’t want to use their words.) I know that someday is going to come sooner than I can fathom. It makes me a little sentimental right now.


We were sitting at the lunch table when Carl looks up at them and said, “I love you man.”
To which Silas replies with his finger pointing, “You lay down. Be quiet. No talking.”

Do you think we say that too much at bedtime?

43 inches

Yes – that is the size of my waist. My brothers wanted to know last weekend how big I was and so they had to measure. And so you have it…I am already 2 inches bigger than I was with Adie with 2.5 weeks to go. I am feeling “great with child” right about now. He can make his grand entrance at any time and that would be fine by me!


Picture Update

Funny story from tonight.

I traded my oldest two girls for my sister-in-laws youngest two girls so that the big girls could go to their cousins piano recital. So at supper, I put a three year old and 3 two-year-olds at a separate “bunny table” in the kitchen because we also had guests for dinner. All was fine until I heard way too much laughing, I looked up and the four of them were having a food fight. Noodles, carrots, bread were flying back and forth between the boys side and the girls side.

This is the point of parenting where you have to put your mean serious face on when in all reality you just want to bust out laughing. I didn’t think they would ever do such a thing…and the funny part is that no one spilled their milk. I don’t know when the last time we ate and no one spilled their milk. And here I put them at a table all by themselves and they start a food fight.


I haven’t been good about taking pictures lately, so here is quite an update – Christmas with my family and just hanging out at home.



















I am not a blond anymore. I am sure if my hairstylist reads my blog, she would say that I didn’t do my hair right, but hey for a shower and no product I don’t think it looks too bad. I sometimes still pass the mirror and catch myself off guard. Carl thinks that I look like my friend Betsy.