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Rollar coaster again…

We will not be leaving on Saturday to pick up our boys. The paperwork did not arrive today as it needed to for us to be able to travel this week.

So we need to wait two more long weeks…

Adoption is hard and painful but in the end it is a beautiful reflection of what God has done for me.

Trusting in his never ending grace for me…

Where is Adie?

She is not always into trouble when I wonder where she is.



Meet the Larsen Boys

We passed court – And it was only by the grace of our God! From what we’ve heard of the story, people drove through the night, offices opened when that were closed, and even the program director was amazed how all of our details came together. Thank you for praying! God loves to answer the prayers of His people.

We’ll share more details as they are confirmed. We are thrilled!

So, now that they are legally ours, let me introduce you to our boys:



And, Jack!

We’ll be traveling THIS SATURDAY to get Silas and Titus in Ethiopia. Jack will be arriving in January. What a miracle! What a day! What a Savior!

Here it comes again…

The emotional roller coaster has begun…up and down and all around…loop de loops and a whole lot more.

Tonight in the middle of the night is our 3rd court date for our little guy. They have found his Dad and he wants to give up his rights. The reason he disappeared in the first place was he thought that he was going to have to take him back if he showed up to court.

We need to pray that he really shows up and the judge grants us the privileged and joy of raising this precious little boy. Then – we need to be on our knees that we can still have the Embassy date of Nov. 5th. Only God can do this all!

I am giddy with anticipation. Join with us in prayer tonight especially if you are awoken in the middle of the night. God needs to move mountains in the next 24 hours which I am believing he can do.

In the end, no matter what happens, God is God and he is infinitely good and working for the best of my family. He is the only one who knows the future and he is creating something more beautiful than I could ever imagine.

If we still get to leave on the 31st, we would arrive back late on Nov. 7th. The next day is Sunday which is National Orphan Sunday…how amazing would it be for our first Sunday back to be that day!