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She is leaving…

My sister-in-law has been staying with us for the past five weeks because she had a pharmacy rotation here. We are sad to see her leave, but I know my brother is VERY anxious to have her back home. Every night that we eat a great meal, we look over and each other and try to guess what he is eating that night…usually we say ice-cream or cereal. It has been fun have another adult female around the house, little things seem to be done all the time: dishwasher unloaded, toys picked up, kitchen swept, etc. It has been a blessing. I wish she could have been here the first month we have the boys. Another added bonus is that Carl is extremely busy with work and I have someone to talk to at night besides Adie. (I love her, but when she is still wide awake at 9:30pm, I wonder what to do with her.)

Michaela is actually reading stories with Lydia and Adie as I type this. I hope the girls remember this time with her.

Laptop crashed

I can say that this has never happened this bad until now. The laptop needed to go to the Apple Dr. ASAP. It will take at least a week to repair.

Two weeks from today is our court date in Ethiopia.

Project Finished!

Here they are, the finished project! Each girl now has her own prairie bonnet. They loved them so much that they HAD to wear them to church this morning. We are invited to a birthday party with a prairie theme, so thus the need to have three done right now.

I would have never finished this project without the help of my sweet mother-in-law. When I tell people that I sew straight lines and that is it. I am telling the truth. This weekend I learned how to gather, sew with interfacing, and a whole host of other things. I think they turned out really cute! (No, I will not be selling these in the adoption wings. They take way too much time to sew. I knew someone would ask 🙂




5 Weeks – Lord willing

My weekly count down has begun to when we can board the plane and meet the little ones who have won my heart over. We need to pass court in Ethiopia on Oct.14th. Please mark your calendars and pray for our family. I have to take captive every thought over this date – it brings such excitement and great nervousness. If we don’t pass…well…this is where I have to let my mind NOT go, but channel it to the “God is sovereign, all knowing, and he is working for the best of my family,” category.

I have been busy packing knowing that I am bringing too much stuff but I am the over planner – always prepared for anything and everything. With 2 two year old boys the possibility for disasters and mess are endless. (I know first hand growing up with 4 brothers and 2 cousins – that is 6 boys and myself.)

Now I am gearing up for a check it off the list type of day! I need to get a few items done around here because we have been in the kitchen the past few days. I put away 17 bags of apple sauce, made 2 batches of cookies and my mom made 8 loaves of bread with the girls. Other parts of my house need a cleaning. Oh and I almost forgot, I have been learning new things with my sewing machine. You are going to love the pictures when I finish the last one! Two done and one more to go! Maybe I will get to that today too! I promised Lydia that I would have it done by Monday morning.

Morning adventures…

We have been having a problem in our yards with “something” digging up the sod.

Live traps were purchased.

This morning we caught a skunk out my front kitchen window. They like to dig grubs out of the sod in the middle of the night. Up to this point, all the critters (3 skunks and 2 coons) were caught next door. Did you know that 20% of skunks are rabid? Not a good combo with kids playing in our backyard ravine.

NASTY! The really bad part is that is sprayed in my whole house stinks. Hopefully the smell will go away in a day or two.

This morning before all this, I went out with my father-in-law and hubby for a quick plane ride to watch the sunrise. It was beautiful! Now we are off to bake bread and sugar cookies!

Even when I don’t blog much, my life is still completely adventurous!