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Grace, Lydia, Daddy and Grandma Glenda went flying with Grandpa. Grace was able to sit in the front seat.


Oh Adie Lynn…She still keeps me hopping.


Oh buggy…(that is what she said I should write for her caption.)

Garage Sale Total

We raised $2500 in two days!

I feel so blessed.

I stood there counting the money thinking of the little boy coming with 5 loaves of bread and two fish and how God multiplied it. We came into this garage sale with very few items to sell since we just moved here last July. (I purged before the big move.)

Thank you to who all dropped off items, bought things and helped out. You are all loved.

I am enjoying God’s gracious kindness and blessings today.

Praise the LORD!

I know many of you are checking this to see what my updates are!

Well, God blessed the socks off of us yesterday. We raised over $1700!

My new goal is to break $2000. We can do it!

I have great stories to tell that I will post later, but I need to go back outside to set up for today!

I hope you are all encouraged to see what the Lord has done with our “extra stuff.”

Here we go!

Today is the big day.

Please pray for its success! I was up most of the night with the Christmas eve excitement. You know when you were a kid and couldn’t sleep because you knew Santa Claus was coming.

Well, I am going to eat a little and start running!

I am prepared to receive God’s blessings!

And one more thing…there are 12 kids ready for referrals from our agency…our kids might be in this group and my heart swells thinking about it.


I need help Thursday and Friday afternoon…is there anyone out there who would like to help run the sale with me?

Thank you!