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*Note: Adie has been very good the past two days…no new stories.

Here is a little video that I found on our Pastor’s blog. It makes me sick to think our government can do this. We should not be spending more that what we earn! No matter if you are a republican or a democrat.

Before 10 am

Adie got into my makeup bag and proceeded to squeeze out my foundation, break off 4 lipsticks, crush the eye shadow, and put mascara all over herself. I am glad that I haven’t called Stanley Cleaner yet! My cream carpet is now a nice shade of beige, blue, and black.

I look her picture and cleaned her up. I responded to her behavior and did not react.
(I tell myself…”Respond, Respond, Respond…don’t react.”

I went to clean the kitchen and Adie was in her room.

After 10 minutes, I realize that it is too quiet.

She was going through my wallet and dumped everything out.

After that she dumped out my blue basket and everything in it.

I watch my child! I really do, but she is quick and sneaky!

Someday I will tell you stories about my other two children, but for now Adie likes the spotlight.

She almost made it today…

It is 9pm and I was going to sit down and blog about something other than Adie. Because today was a good day with hanging out with friends in the cities and she didn’t have time to do anything mischievous.

Well, I opened blogger and I hear, “Moooooooooooom, Adie is getting into trouble.”

By the time I run into their bedroom and look in, Adie had the tub of Cetaphil lotion all over her hands, feet, belly and carpet. Imagine she is more white that peach colored. Needless to say, her skin is well moisturized and I will probably need to call Stanly Steamer this week because lotion doesn’t come up very well.

Now she is standing at her door crying because she doesn’t want to go to bed.

Another day in the life of Adie Lynn Larsen.

I need a lock

on my refrigerator.

When I walked into the kitchen, Adie had 4 sticks of butter unwrapped and was trying to eat them.

Meanwhile, Grace and Lydia were running around with a couple of boxes of butter that they took away from her.

Oh mercy! She keeps me on my toes!

Who has time to watch TV?

I was ponder that question when I was painting yesterday and today. I am not saying that we are running from activity to activity, but I keep myself plenty busy doing thing around here.

We are in the middle of finishing off our porch to turn it into a playroom and a place that so happens to hold our extra bed. Priming and painting two coats of paint is going to take me awhile. Have you ever tried to paint plywood? Take it from me…it is hard work.

While I was painting the outside of the house this evening, the girls were playing with the water spicket and making mud pies. What an evening to make mud pies…75 degrees with no breeze! Needless to say, we had to hose off before going in to take a bath.

Off to sew some more head scarves and nursing shawls. God is totally blessing this adventure!

Please pray we get a referral soon for our children. We just want to know who they are!