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Memory builders

We asked the girls today at lunch, “What are some things we could do this spring and summer to build memories with you? What would you like to do?”

Here were their answers…(Daddy threw in a few too)

1. Camp in the backyard and make smores the same night
2. Water balloon fight
3. Go to Slyvan Lake (Daddy)
4. Explore a cave (Daddy)
5. Fly a kite
6. Go on 7 picnics (we have 7 boxes so we can check them off when we do it)
7. Ride bikes AND wear helmets (Go Lydia with extra precaution!)
8. Put up the hummingbird feeder
9. Plant flowers
10. Hike through our woods and pick up trash
11. Take the girls rock climbing (indoors…this was also Daddy’s)
12. Make pretty rainbow crafts (I can this one with ease!)
13. Blow bubbles
14. Make a snowball inside…What? This is clarified with …”Dad, we can just fill the bathtub with ice cubes and play.”

So here it is…our checklist! We are letting them add as they think of things but this will hang on our refrigerator so that we can cross things off as we do them. (I have two type A’s who LOVE to check things off lists) We should have a pretty fun spring and summer!


We went to my hometown on Friday morning to get our taxes done, when I drove up into my parent’s driveway I noticed a few cars from ND. (That means my brother and his wife had come down…flooding in Fargo). When we went in and my sister-in-law had her two sisters and her grandma with. Now being a family girl, I couldn’t just get my taxes done and leave, so we canceled our afternoon hair apts and stayed all day. My girls were in heaven! Adult to child ratio was VERY good in their eyes!

The girls spent the night and I went home to sleep and bring Carl back for the day. We had a blast! There has never been this much estrogen in my house – ever! Growing up with 4 brothers, 2 cousins who lived with us, and there was always a hired hand…my mom and I were always out numbered. We had lunch yesterday and there were 9 females and my brother. Needless to say, he had to “find things to do” outside for the afternoon.

We had a crafty afternoon making bows. I am so excited to be able to take a whole pile with when we go to Ethiopia.


Grace and Lydia putting “love” into the homemade rolls.

Lydia with the finished product.

Adie’s vocabulary has increased 10 fold this week. She is starting to talk in sentences which will hopefully lead to a lot less frustration for my little spit-fire.

I love Thrusday nights

We again had the Larsen Small group this Thursday night with another couple from our church, Clarence and Williemae. Ohhh they were so much fun and learning part of their story was a real treat for me. I love walking talking history books…you know that is anyone with grey hair:) You see they moved to this town (I think) 46 years ago and were the only African American couple in a town of 30,000. I can’t imagine what life was like and to hear some tip of the iceberg stories really broke my heart. I don’t really know what it is like to live with sterotypes because of the color of my skin. I am saddened to think that I have done things that might have hurt others without even thinking.

I love their spunk and zest for life and I am so thankful that they are apart of my church family. I am going to learn so much from them and they are such willing teachers!

Here is my challenge for you. Invite someone over for dinner! And make sure they are not your best friends. Venture out and make some new friendships. Dinner is just exactly what it is…dinner. You are not asking them to be your best friends, nor do you have to be in the same small group for the next 5 years. It is not threating and trust me people don’t care if you can cook…order a pizza!

Crafty pictures

We had some friends over to play today while their Mommy and Daddy are sand bagging in Fargo. We decided to get out the sweetened condensed milk and food coloring to make paint so we could decorate some eggs. Seth (the one year old) is taking a well timed nap for this activity.




Here are a few pictures from last Friday’s playdate and flower planting. Luke does so well being the only “dude” around. I have to say after about 1 1/2 hours he was ready to go home. (Notice how Grace didn’t want to be in the picture:)



The coons are back…

Two nights ago, Carl woke me up by saying…

“Ang, get up and help me figure out where that noise is coming from.”

He woke me from such a deep sleep that I wasn’t quite as concerned as he was at that moment. I fumble around and put on my robe and jokingly said while still half asleep, “I bet it is those coons trying to stay out of the rain.”

Sure enough, I send Carl outside to investigate. (That is a man thing to do…I clean all the bathrooms…he can be the warrior to try to slay coons in the middle of the night while in the rain with rocks.)

There was a huge fat raccoon hiding under the overhang where our two roofs meets. He tried unsuccessfully to throw rocks and try to get it off. So the raccoons are one up on us.

Now once I sleep for awhile and then get woken up, I have a really hard time falling back to sleep. I had a fair bit of time to think… so next time I have a plan to even the score.