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New fabrics and snap clips

I was finally able to sew some new head scarves! Go and check it out! adoptionwings.blogspot.com
The fabrics are yummy!

Tell your friends! I am ready for some new orders!!!

Plus the new snap clips are great for the bigger girl who thinks bows aren’t really that cute anymore:)

Dedicating Adie


This past Sunday we publicly dedicated Adie to the Lord. We know that she is a gift from God and he has entrusted us to be her parents but ultimately she is His. It was wonderful to be surrounded by a body of believers who we know will help us to raise and love her and to help to grow her into a godly woman.

(side note: She had a death grip around my neck. I don’t know if you can see her eyes very well, but I don’t think she was sending love through them. I wonder what she was thinking)

Thinking about my boys…

I always call them “my boys,” we could get one boy and one girl but I think the odds are pretty low because in the adoption world most people want infant girls.

I wonder tonight if they are cold and need someone to hold them and tuck their covers around them just a little tighter.

Are they hungry? I wish I could give them a little bran muffin for a snack so they could sleep all the way through the night without waking up to hunger pains.

Are they lonely? I am looking forward to when all my kids will share a room and laughter will ring out into the hallway.

Are they scared? Tired? Hurt? Lost? Broken by life?

My heart breaks for the pain that they will have to endure and what they already have gone through. There is always pain and loss when there is adoption, but we are so excited for them to join our family that sometimes I don’t reflect enough on what had to happen for them to come here.

At supper tonight Grace asked if we could talk about Jesus in Ethiopia. (Prompted by the fact we have a Voice of the Martyrs map on our wall that shows countries where is it extremely dangerous to preach the gospel. Parts of Ethiopia are in red) I explained that we could and we could show the love of Christ without using words too. Then she said, “As soon as our brothers come, I want to tell them about Jesus. Oh wait, they won’t know our language. Well, if they spoke Spanish…” I had to interrupt and remind her that they don’t speak Spanish in Ethiopia, but we could learn Jesus loves you in their own language. A huge smile came across her face and her big brown eyes lit up and she gave me a nose nuzzle and said, “That is a great idea Mom!”

Oh – I love her heart! The simple faith and straight forwardness of my five year old.

Tonight I go to bed dreaming of what their sweet little faces look like.


Today we had our home school Co-op where I teach a team building class to 7-9 graders. I have 20 students who are energetic, loud and are way too funny for me.

We added four more students this morning and I asked the rest of the class if they could tell the new students some of my rules for class. Here is the quote –

“Don’t give her attitude or she will throw you up against the wall.”‘ (At this point, I almost wanted to pee my pants.)

My actual words were that I do not like sass and I have no problem having you sit out of all of our activities. Have I told you that I really like 7-9 graders?

Two weeks ago during class we were doing the human knot and someone farted. Seriously, I was laughing so hard at them, but I wouldn’t let them break their knot and start over. They needed to figure out how to solve their problem. So, here are 9 teenagers all tangled up trying to shift across the room to move away from the smell. Hilarious! I am sure I will have more stories to tell in the future!

Check out ladies

Yesterday Adie and I went out to run some errands because Grace and Lydia were on a special adventure with Grandpa and Grandma. We ended up at Walmart (we usually do because I need more supplies for Wings). I can’t go through Walmart without checking out the clearance section because you just never know what could be in there:) I am always looking for gifts, prize box items and items for our Compassion Boxes.

We hit a jackpot with the valentines items being 90% off. We were able to get 10 stuffed bears for .30 each and cute little buckets and candy hearts etc. Then I went to the shoe department because when we go to Ethiopia to pick up our children I want to bring a whole suitcase full of shoes. (No matter where you go in Africa, shoes are always needed) I found a whole bunch of nice shoes for $2 a pair…cheaper than Savers!

Back to the reason for this post, I was at the checkout and the lady gave me a smile and said, “That is a great deal on those bears.”

“Yes, it is. I buy these things for Operation Christmas Child. Have you ever heard of it?”

Of course she has never heard of it because I haven’t talked to a single person here in St. Cloud who has heard of it besides my sister-in-law, but then again she just moved here 1 .5 years ago.

I was able to share with her how we pack shoe boxes as a family and how they are sent all over the world to needy children. They then hear the gospel because of a little booklet enclosed in their own language. She thought it was so neat that she said she was going to look it up after work. I had a great time talking with her!

After this conversation, I decided that our church needs to be a collection station next year. (They don’t know this yet, but I will let them know:) We need to get the word out in central Minnesota! The closest collection point is in Maple Grove and I think that is just plain silly!

Now that I have written it down, I will better be able to hold myself accountable to what the Lord has told me to do!