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Problem solved

Okay, many of you might already know this, but I didn’t. And I like to think of myself as somewhat handy in the kitchen so this is a little humbling.

Problem: Your plastic wrap is always coming out of the box when you are trying to tear it off.

Did you know that there are little tabs on the side of plastic wrap box that are supposed to be pushed in? I know I have been in the kitchen as long as I can remember and I never looked on the side of box where it said, “Push in here.” The little tabs on each side keep it from “jumping” out of the box right when I am ready to tear it. Brilliant!

So there is my little FYI for the day:)

Are you going to check your box now?

#22 Watching my children sleep

Number #22 from my “25 random things about me” was very applicable tonight.

Carl called me into the hallway and said, “Quick you NEED to go into the girls’ room.”

So, before I went in I guessed that Adie was sleeping buck naked in her crib.

I would have won the jackpot, if there ever was one.

Yes, Adie was sleeping naked with nothing in her crib. Brrrr! She even took off the duct taped diaper, which was very impressive I might add. (We have to tape her diapers on her now because she takes them off as fast as you can put them back on. But she has no interest in using the potty)

She really was sweet to watch, but all things must come to an end because I didn’t want to have to clean her up when she did go potty. I put her diaper and PJ’s back on and there wasn’t even a peep out of her. She went straight back to bed.

I am off to bed!

25 random things about me

I was tagged on facebook but I like to blog more so here it is…try to do it yourself. It really was quite fun.

1. I always wanted to be a mom. I knowingly went to college to get my MRS degree.
2. I can’t stick out my tongue, it is attached at the tip.
3. I have always wanted to adopt but I didn’t think I would do it before I turned 30.
4. I never ever ever thought I would live next door to my sister-in-law who bought her and my husband’s childhood home. (Not even on the radar)
5. I am not a morning person, but I know that if I get up earlier my day goes much better.
6. I like raisin bran but I don’t like to eat raisins.
7. I felt the sexiest 8 1/2 months pregnant. Once I hit my due date, I felt like an over done turkey.
8. I am not creative at all! I confess I am a really good copy cat!
9. I very much dislike traveling. Once I get there, everything is great, but the time between point A and point B is yucky.
10. I can clean up poop, vomit, blood, but if I have to clean up hair it makes me gag! I had a roommate (bless her soul…I love her) but she would put her hair on the shower wall and I couldn’t handle it. I HAVE to wear gloves cleaning the bathroom. I laugh because God gave me three girls. They might have to clean their own bathroom in the near future.
11. I love to organize and clean but you would never know it if you came to my house today.
12. I want to invent something someday, but that creates a problem when you refer to number 8.
13. I don’t listen to much music because when it is actually quiet at my house…I want it to stay that way.
14. I once said flying back from China, “I will never take children on an international flight.” Never say never! Now I will be flying with two.
15. I married the love of my life and I love spending all this time with him. We are together almost all the time day and night and I love it.
16. My love language is quantity time.
17. I am so thankful that I have a relationship with Jesus because life would be way too hard if I didn’t have someone to love me completely. And the best part is that I can spend eternity with him.
18. Orange Fanta and chocolate covered doughnuts are my downfall.
19. When I was pregnant, I never hit my highest non-pregnant weight. I have not always been skinny and really struggled with my weight in high school. I learned that I needed to let God love me for who I was right then and there and not some person in my imagination. Only then could I love others and myself the way God loves us.
20. I don’t watch TV except for the occasional Bill O’Rielly on Fox.
21. I can only sew straight lines.
22. Watching my children sleep at night is the most precious sight ever!
23. I can’t drive a stick shift and I grew up on a farm…how sad is that!
24. I have the sweep once a day policy so if you come to my house mid-day keep your shoes on.
25. I can’t wait for garage sale season to start!

Adie is TWO


I don’t know if you can see it in the picture but the tip of her hair did start on fire. She got a little too close to blow out those candles. Nothing came of it, but just a little spark. Next year we will have to slick her hair back.


Yes, these are her siblings and cousins from next door. (and you don’t even see all of them:)