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Feeling like home…

We have found our church home and haven fallen head over heals in love with the body of Christ. I haven’t felt this way since we left Fargo. We have visited and went to many churches in the past 4 years but nothing felt like “home.” Don’t get me wrong we have met and participated with many wonderful people and churches but it just hasn’t felt like we are completely home. This is the FRIENDLIEST church I have ever been to! They welcome the socks off of any newcomer! (and it is not just the greeters….everyone comes up to you and says…”Hey, I have never met you before, I am so and so.” The preaching is awesome and they seem to be a church striving after the gospel. I feel blessed!

Today the Pastor talked about rest and how we need to rest in order to get rest. I am the queen of the checklist and my checklist is always going! I start one every week with hopes of finishing it. But today – I took a nap! It was very refreshing to close my eyes. I didn’t do anything on my list today!

With that being said, after 6 months of being here we are settled. The newness has worn off and we are into the real routine of life here in Minnesota. We don’t long for SF or our way of life there, we love exactly where God has called us.

I had the opportunity to talk to an old friend from Fargo for an hour last night and that always warms my heart. (it is not too often that I have time to talk for an hour!)

Gingerbread houses and Happy Birthday Jesus

So we took the 9 children and made gingerbread houses! Again my sister-in-law and myself are a tad bit crazy…but so well worth it. The kids had such a great time plus we used all of my mom’s old candy.

I was so proud of Grace today because we went to visit Alice (the woman whom we bought the house from) and Grace gave Alice her gingerbread house. Her heart was being generous and it was a big deal because she worked so hard on hers as you can see from the picture below.



We had my family Christmas this past weekend. And can you believe that my brother Chris and I still look alike? When I shaved my head, was the first time that I really saw how much we do look alike.



Happy Birthday Jesus…

Flashback Friday

Who’s Taller?

One day about 5 years ago my brothers were arguing as to who was taller? We couldn’t tell with just looking so we got out the level. Lo and behold…it was completely level! I was laughing so hard because each was so sure that “He” was taller.

Merry Christmas 2008


Larsen Family Theme Verse 2008

“Have I not commanded you? Be strong and courageous. Do not be terrified; do not be discouraged, for the LORD your God will be with you wherever you go.”
Joshua 1:9

What a year 2008 has been for us! While writing our Christmas letter last year, we had an inkling that God was up to something big and boy was he ever! We took a huge leap of faith, following God’s lead, and moved back to St. Cloud, MN (Carl’s home town) to start our own business; Telescope Media Group. Daily we’ve repeated our theme verse as a reminder that God has called us on this adventure.

When Carl is not stuck in his chair working on an animation, you will find him and all the kids playing on the Zipline that runs from his sister’s backyard into ours. At 210 feet long, it is sure to make your heart race when you jump off for the first time! Carl has also been hosting a podcast on the internet teaching other video professionals his latest tips and tricks.

If Angel isn’t busy with the girls or helping Carl with the business, you can find her making nursing shawls, head scarves, and bows for her own company, Wings. She also has become a faithful blogger, and enjoys keeping friends and family up to date with the pictures and stories of our life. She also continues to homeschool Grace and Lydia while chasing a two-year-old who thinks its fun to dump everything out of every container.

Grace is now 5 years old and has a serious flare for drama. Everything comes with actions, sound effects and frills – and she loves the fact that her six cousins live right next door! When all of them get together there’s a full cast and crew just waiting for an audience.

Lydia is 4 years old. Give her a pencil and she’ll draw you the cutest family you’ve ever seen. She’s usually is the first to wake up in the morning, and loves to have special time with her Daddy reading their Bibles before anyone else is up.

Adie will be 2 in January and we are happy to report that she thinks walking is cool. She has decided talking is unnecessary because her older sisters do enough of it, and screaming gets you most everything you want anyways. She hates having her hair done, wearing a diaper, and sitting in her car seat, but she loves to sit on Daddy’s lap while he is working.

We have started the process of adopting two children from Ethiopia. We don’t know who they are yet, but we think and talk about them daily at our house. Lord willing, we hope to have them in our home by next Christmas.

May the Lord richly bless you with His love,
Carl, Angel, Grace, Lydia, and Adie Larsen

Mysterious Christmas Card

So, I had Carl go and get the mail at 10pm because I never think to do it while there is still light. Anyway, we get this card in the mail (from Sioux Falls) that is addressed to us with our same return address. Inside was a gift certificate to Walmart and the card read:

“Wish you a season of new beginnings and a wonderful journey into the year ahead. ”

Here we are trying to figure out who’s handwriting this is and we are coming up blank.

So – if YOU are reading my blog, I say thank you! I am still smiling about this and will the next time I need to make my famous Walmart runs.

Merry Christmas to all and to all a good night!