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So, we love Jesus but still go trick or treating.  We had this awesome talk this morning in the van about how some people want to worship Satan on this day.  You should have seen Grace and Lydia’s eyes bug open. They couldn’t believe that people would do that.  So, we decided that today and every day  is God’s day and that we should love the people around us.  We prayed over our house and our neighborhood.

Now do you know why I love Halloween?  This is the one time of year that everyone opens their doors and you actually see your neighbors.  (One of our neighbors invited us to a football game at SCSU.  How fun!)  Last year we had a coffee and hot chocolate bar set up in our house and invited everyone in for a hot drink.  It was an awesome way to connect with the neighborhood.  We now live on a street where it is us and the cousins who are the kids on the block.  We actually didn’t get a trick or treater this year.   But that is okay, we will have to do a neighborhood party again sometime.

Grace was a princess…Lydia a dragon…Adie a ladybug

Last weekend we went to the cities and Carl went climbing while I went to the zoo with some friends.  We had a great time and the kids just loved it and can’t wait to go visit their friends again.  We have made it a monthly commitment to hang out and I am truly blessed because of our time together.

Choose Life

Voting next Tuesday is easy for me.  One issue separates both candidates as night and day.  I believe to my core that we are supposed to love, help and cherish the oppressed of our day, but you cannot deny the littlest of them all.  This is the foundation of who we are – “Choose life so that you and your children may live.” Deut. 30:19

Abortion does not give women the right to choose…it forces them into bondage beyond their wildest dreams.  Simply put, Abortion hurts women.  My heart is broken for all the women who have had an abortion and for all those babies who never got to take their first breath. The issue is not economy, terrorists, or health care as many would have it to believe. The real issue is who is going to appoint the next supreme court justices because they will decide the direction of our country for the next 40 years or more.  WOW!  You don’t hear this on NBC, ABC or CNN.  They want you to be self focused and thinking how is the government going to meet MY needs instead of being outward focus on the unborn.
I am praying for the direction of our country!


I let Lydia take a few pictures and think one actually turned out.  Not that Adie looks too happy, but I will take it~

We babysat Baby Rachel on Friday afternoon so that her mommy could go swimming:)  Grace got to hold her for 20 plus minutes and was in complete heaven!

That silly little grin again!  and those cheeks just don’t quit!

She refused to put on a diaper the other day.  These panties only last about 20 minutes before she had an accident.

I catch her all the time knocking on Carl’s door to his office.  She wants to be let in so she can sit on his lap and push buttons.

Flashback Friday

These are on the first roll of pictures that we have on our computer. Carl and I went on a mission trip with my in-laws two months after we were married. 
Gladys won my heart as soon as we got to Africa.

Mark was a little orphan that I wanted to take home.  It broke my heart to leave him there and know that there was no one there who cared.  He never smiled while I was there.  But he did want to be by me the whole time I was there.  This fueled my desire to adopt.

Women who had surgery the day before, it brought a whole new meaning to, “I was blind but now I see.”  To be able to have cataract surgery in Africa, one must be blind in both eyes.  And more than likely you have been that way for a very long time.  So to wake up the day after surgery and be able to see was a miracle and they began to sing and dance.  The only word that I could understand was Alleluia, but they were singing praises to Jesus.

A few picture of the operating room.


sending papers

Tomorrow morning I will send our first round of adoption papers into our agency.  There are all these feelings that are indescribable that well up when I think about it. 
I have been trying to read books, but lately all I hear is what not to do, and every bad situation that could possibly ever happen.  Carl and I were driving in the car two days ago and I said, “Aren’t you glad we didn’t read too many books before we had our kids?”  There is so much doom and gloom out there.  Now I am the first to admit that I am a realist.  I know this is going to be HARD and there will be struggles, but don’t we have that with our “birthed from the womb” children too?  
Knowledge is power, I get that, but when does a person say enough is enough?  I did order two more books and I hope that they are a little more positive!