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Elnor’s Kringla

This is for my friend Heather who wanted to know how to make Kringla:
*Elnor is a dear old woman( 100% Norwegian)  who used to take care of my husband when he was a little boy.  She has been married to the same man for I want to say 70 years.  They are the neatest couple and they really love the Lord with all of their heart.  I am blessed to know them.  She just told my mother-in-law that she has 60 pieces of Kringla already in the freezer for Christmas.  (Anyone who stops over, she will run to the freezer and give you a plate of Kringla.)

There is a little bit of preplanning…here we go:
Mix and let set in refrigerator for about 10 hours:
1 cup cultured sour cream
1 cup whipping cream
1 T of Lemon juice
Cream together and add to the above mixture:
1 cup sugar
2 T butter (soft)
1 t vanilla
Add sifted ingredients carefully:
2 1/2 cup flour
2 t baking powder
1 t baking soda
1/2 t salt
1/2 t nutmeg
Form a soft dough.  Refrigerate dough.  Work with small portions of dough.  Take small pieces of dough and roll into strips about 1/2 inch thick.  You will more than likely need some more flour to roll them out. (This is the trickiest part) Shape into figure 8’s or over lapped circles – easy way out is just to make little breadsticks
I am just not as good as Elnor with this part…her’s turn out perfect, but then she has had many more years of practice:)
Bake at 375 degrees for 8-10 minutes or until golden brown.
Place into tight container while still warm to keep soft.
Spread with butter to serve. (I personally eat them plain)


My mind is full.
Carl and I went to a Desiring God Conference in the Twin Cities.  It was called The Power of Words and the Wonder of God.  Wow! is just a small word to describe this conference….my mind is still trying to process all that I heard this weekend.  It is already available for download if you are interested in listening, reading, or watching and part of it – Go here.
I highly recommend the session by Bob Kafflin – The wonder of Words and what happens when we sing and the other by Mark Driscoll – How Sharp the Edge? Christ, Controversy, and the Cutting of words.  These two guys rocked my world with what they said.  

The power of the tongue is quite a remarkable things…either you are building up or tearing down.  There is no in between.  I am quite tired but I really want to blog more about this tomorrow.  Until then please check out Desiring God because there are so many resources available to you and to me – it is a blessing.

It was so great to have two days and two nights with Carl.  Thanks Mom for taking the girls!
Off to bed!

few pics

This is my C+ home at its finest! Yes, my cupboards are never closed!


We made a triple batch of Kringla today…it is a Norwegian sweet bread.  I married into this one!

Piggy Pile
Lydia has the best spot!

C+ verses A

I was talking with a friend today at the library on how my goal is to keep a C+ house versus an A house. You all know the difference that I am talking about.  

You vacuum maybe once a week
Sweep once a day – non-negotiable because I have 3 kids 5 and under
Bathrooms are cleaned with a wet wipe from Adie’s container
and who washes their windows anyways?

An A house is something that I only dream about now.  I have to be totally honest…I LOVE a clean house…the pine-sol, windex, vinegar…oh I can almost smell it now.  When I was in college, my roommates did like it that I wanted things cleaned weekly…they actually probably hated it.  (I lived with six other girls…not recommended! Quick Time Out:  7 women in one house equals a lot of hair in a shower….I can clean poopy diapers all day long, but hair in a shower totally grosses me out!) Anyway – I have learned to be content with a C+ home…it really feels like home when you can still find applesauce smatter over 2 weeks after you had the great spill.  You trip on the popper when going to the back door.  (the popper is that annoying toy that is supposed be a little kids vacuum)  I really do like not dusting so please do not move any of my picture frames.  And finally, it really feels like home when you have to scrape your kitchen floor while trying to scrub it.  Yes folks, I had to get out my pampered chef scrapper (amazing little kitchen gadget) to get all the crud off my floor.  I should have a pressure washer like my dad has for his barns.  

This is what feels like home to me.  

I should add that we love pop-ins at our house…you are guaranteed that you will probably need to keep your shoes on while walking in the dining room, (Adie has a great arm) but there usually is something baking in the oven and there are always great greeters at the door.  If we know you are coming, I have three girls waiting on the front step to welcome you in.  

Funny note:  Carl was reading over my shoulder and he just went to the garage to get the ladder to clean the applesauce off the ceiling.  What a great guy!  I am just smitten over him.


My little girls went to Sunday school today and Lydia was so completely excited that they bent the rules a little and she was able to move up a few months early to the Preschool/K class.  When they came out of class, they were telling me how they learned about worship – loving God and obeying what he commands.  You see when you love God, doing what he commands should be an overflow of that love.

I have been learning that God’s timing for things are usually faster than I would think would be appropriate.  Let me give an example, when I shaved my head last summer with my neighbor who had cancer, I knew that I was going to shave my head someday, but I thought it was going to be in 5 years or something like that.  The Lord had put the desire to start our own business…I was thinking maybe in a couple of years…as you can see we are doing that now.

Now for a small example, today I was asked if I would volunteer in the children’s nursery.  I told them that I was thinking about a new ministry that started for kids with special needs.  I got the paper work to fill out and headed off to church…I was there for about 5 minutes when they found me and said that they needed my help because a little boy came today who needs one on one help.  Wow – fast volunteer time!

I had the privilege of spending time and worshiping with a little boy who has autism.  You know God made this precious child…He knit him together in his mother’s womb just like you and me.  I marveled over that fact while I held him closely through the worship singing…”better is one day in your courts than a thousand elsewhere.”  He is perfectly made in God’s image.  I am so thankful that we have a creative God who knows no boundaries of love.  I was blessed today.  I know that I learned more about my creator in this lesson than sitting through the sermon today.  God is amazing and I am thankful He came to earth to glorify himself and save a wretch like me.